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9 Attractive Things to Do in Louisville, Kentucky

Maya Pillai Sep 20, 2019
Louisville, the largest city in Kentucky, U.S. has variety of interesting places such as Kentucky Derby Museum, Louisville park, cruises and many more where you can have a great time.

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Louisville Downtown

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Downtown Louisville is lined with Victorian-era buildings. A stroll through this lively area will take you to museums, stages of performing arts such as dance, theater, concerts and more.

Kentucky Derby Museum

Kentucky Derby Museum in Louisville's Churchill Downs is open throughout the year.
There are exhibits and displays depicting the history of Kentucky Derby. Kentucky Derby Museum Tours include a visit to horse farms, barn and backside tours and walking tours.

Old Louisville Neighborhood for History Lovers

Old Louisville neighborhood, the largest National Preservation District for Victorian style architecture in the US has the largest collection of Victorian homes.

Historic Water Treatment House

The pumping station and water tower at Louisville Water Company are National Historic Landmarks. Louisville WaterWorks Museum in the proximity houses memorabilia such as historic photographs and films that date back to 1860.

A Stroll in Whitehall House

This historic house was initially built by John Marshall, an American politician in 1855.
In the  20th century, it was bought by an entrepreneur John Middleton. Mrs. Middleton fashioned the Southern-style Greek Revival mansion by adding a wing to each side of the house and one in the back. A portico, columns and a circular driveway was added in the front of the house.

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Golf Players Paradise

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Louisville has 10 public golf courses that are open seven days a week. Each golf course is unique and some of them are the best in Kentucky.

Parks in Louisville

Louisville has 120 public parks. Many of the parks have been designed by a famed architect Fredrick Law Olmstead.

Cruise Down River Ohio

Take a ride in a river steamer that includes lunch and dinner or sunset and moonlight  sightseeing cruises.

Brandy Distillery Tours & Tasting

A trip to Louisville is incomplete if you miss visiting at least one of the liquor distilleries here. Most distilleries conduct the tours seven days a week. Remember, 3 half ounce tastings session is part of any distillery tour.