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9 Awesome Things to Do in Burlington, Vermont

Vinam Pachkhede Sep 23, 2019
Burlington is Vermont's one of largest and vibrant towns, with awesome things to do. This city is sure to offer you a refreshing experience by its biking paths, riverfronts, and apple orchards.

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Lake Champlain

Choose from the loads of activities available here: book a themed cruise, visit the North Beach for water sports, or just stroll around the water banks.

Church Street Marketplace

Create your Instagram-worthy story at this marketplace, studded with more than 150 shops, stalls, restaurants. Enjoy the awesome performances of live entertainers.

The Ethan Allen Homestead Museum

Know everything about revolution at the only surviving residence of Ethan Allan (farmer-turned-war patriot) featuring a lot of artifacts and exhibits.

Waterfront Park

Spend a perfect evening with your family here. Bike or stroll through the various trails, relax on the grass and nosh on the local munchies.

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ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center

Visit the freshwater aquarium with 70 different species of fish. Also, learn about the lake’s ecosystem through its interactive exhibits.

Attend the Burlington Edible History Tour

Relish the old tradition of storytelling around the dining table and learn about the history of Burlington and Vermont while savoring the local food.

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Apple Orchards

Make a visit between the months of September and October to any of the orchards, that are open for the tourists to enjoy apple ciders, donuts, and much more.

Tour the Lake Champlain Chocolate Factory

Get a guided tour and learn to make chocolate. Hold on to your excitement since a chocolatey treat awaits you at the end!

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Burlington Farmers' Market

Relish on to the local products, arts and crafts at the Farmer's Market held on every Saturday since 1980.