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9 Best Things to Do in Brooklyn Heights, NY

Ketki Dongare Jun 10, 2019
Named as New York’s first Historic District, in 1965, Brooklyn Heights brings a special feel to the heart with its cozy yet conventional cityscape. The beauty of Brooklyn Heights lies in the green streets rested with brownstone houses. Spend a day or two in this upscale yet historic neighborhood and savor every moment spent here!

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Walk over the 150-year old Brooklyn Bridge

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The best way to enter to Brooklyn Heights is to cross the Brooklyn Bridge which leads you straight in to the ‘Boroughs’ with a picturesque view of the neighborhood.

Sail to the Heights with East River Ferry

Opt for a commuter ferry across the East River to reach the neighborhood. This way, you have great views of the Skyline from both sides. During the night, the shimmering lights of the skyline is a treat to the eyes.

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Take a Historic Tour of the Neighborhood!

Spend the mornings wandering in the streets of Brooklyn Heights, admiring the architecture of the town, brownstone and ironclad buildings.

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Home to many notable people like Marilyn Monroe, Truman Capote, Arthur Miller, the neighborhood thrives with glorious history.

Brooklyn Historical Society

It is an imperial landmark, a historic and cultural center of Brooklyn Heights. Afternoons are the best time to take a tour of the exhibitions and ongoing cultural events, or to spend some quiet time in the wood-columned library.

Art-Rich Brooklyn Heights

Visit the Brooklyn Art Gallery and the New York Transit Museum, a one of a kind Transport Museum located at a ‘now-closed’ subway station. Don’t be surprised to find actual trains on the tracks!

Parks and Retreats

Brooklyn Bridge Park, situated under the Brooklyn Bridge, overlooking the East River has a magnificent view of the City. This makes it an ideal picnic spot for the residents of Brooklyn as well as the tourists.

Savor the Local Cuisine

Get the perfect setting with the many cafes and restaurants amidst the tree-lined streets. Cozy cafes, romantic restaurants, or the ‘Historic Bar’, Brooklyn Heights has a place for all your moods!
Grab a quick bite of a burrito or order an exquisite menu at a fancy restaurant, indulge your taste buds in the true-blue American cuisines. Colonie, Noodle Pudding, Beasts & Bottles, River Deli, Montero are few must-go-to bars and restaurants!

Go Shopping and Thrifting

Exclusive to many retail shops, the Montague Street is your go-to place for all the heavy lifting! You’ll find plenty thrift shops and boutiques on Cobble Hill, Atlantic Avenue and Henry Street.
One such exclusive shop to visit is an Award-winning gourmet marketplace, Sahadi’s. A local special, and recommended by everyone, this shop has a wide range of middle-eastern spices and grocery delectables.

The Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Head straight from the Montague Street till the end of the road, until you come face-to-face to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade: a pedestrian walkway with a stellar view of the Lower Manhattan Skyline, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty.
You would want to take a stroll, go jogging, or just sit on a bench reading your favorite book! Wait till sundown, to get the glimpse of the majestic skyline all lightened and shinning through the East River!

Top Tip:

Sojourn in vacation rental homes and furnished apartments, made available for tourists in Brooklyn Heights to get a first-hand experience of the Borough's neighborhood.