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9 Magnificent Waterfalls of Arkansas

You’re probably gonna yearn for these wonderful marvels of nature in Arkansas.
Ritika Khandelwal Aug 19, 2019

Cedar Falls

Cedar Falls at Petit Jean State Park is arguably the most popular and attractive waterfall in the state of Arkansas.
The falls are best viewed by a downhill hike from the Cedar Falls Trail to the bottom of Cedar Creek Canyon. You will sight some really cool rock formations alongside.

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Compton Falls

The Falls is located in the Upper Buffalo Wilderness of the Ozark National Forest along Whitaker Creek. A hike to this double waterfall is exhilarating. You can view multiple smaller waterfalls along the way.

High Bank Twin Falls

Get acquainted with one of the best tranquil waterfall experiences with High Bank Twin Falls, a spectacular waterfall nearly 75 feet high.

Hemmed-in Hollow Falls

Located within the Buffalo National River, Hemmed-in Hollow Falls allows you to explore many beautiful streams and creeks throughout the voyage. This fall is definitely worth the trip in the monsoons.

Falling Water Falls

If you like chasing waterfalls right on the roads, this serene oasis and a natural wonder which requires no hiking is an ideal fit, as it is situated on the roadside of the southern Richland Creek Wilderness Area.
Falling Water Falls is comprised of the rocks, boulders and mighty forests, and is the most popular swimming hole in the summer.

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Triple Falls

The treacherous gravel road will lead to one of the striking waterfalls in Arkansas.

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An incredible 48 foot Triple Falls, is commonly known as the Twin Falls. Here you will witness nature at its best.

Haw Creek Falls

Located at the Haw Creek Falls Campground, it is one of the beautiful cascading waterfalls in the Ozark National Forest.
Swim, camp or simply wander around this small fall with an array of large boulders. Also visit Pack Rat Falls which is accessible rearwards of the campground for some good photo ops.

Mirror Lake Waterfall

Mirror Lake Waterfall is a very beauteous place in Arkansas with an alluring four-tiered waterfall.
You can also pay a visit to Blanchard Springs Caverns, which is located in the very picturesque Ozark National Forest, 1.5 miles away from the Mirror lake.

Kings River Falls

An easy-breezy hike with a meadow, large rocks and sight of the Kings River leads to an enchanting Kings River Falls.
We definitely reside in a beautiful world. And these waterfalls will surely soothe your soul and make you feel the overwhelming sense of joy.