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9 Things to do in El Paso, Texas

An amazing blend of cultures, situated on the US - Mexico border, El Paso has innumerable sites for its visitors.
Gaurav Kadam Jul 3, 2019

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Soak in the scenic beauty of the spectacular Franklin Mountains.
Admire the marvelous rock imagery (some dating back to 6000-3000 BCE) at Hueco Tanks State Historic Site.
Jurassic World fans flock to the Sunland Park.
The Chamizal National Memorial is a cultural center, boasts of being a museum, an art gallery and is a perfect picnic spot.
Make sure you try the homegrown beer and Smelter Stout at the Ode Brewing Company in the Downtown.
Get ready to marvel at the 44 feet tall The Equestrian sculpture built by John Sherrill Houser.
Breathtaking architecture awaits your presence at the 400 year old Mission of San Elizario.
With more than 800 species of plants, the Chihuahuan Desert Gardens gives an opportunity to its visitors to see the plants in their native setting.
One of the city’s most famous landmarks, The Plaza Theatre has some fantastic Broadways and music concerts.