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A Backpacker's Guide to Cunningham Falls State Park, MD

Ketki Dongare Jul 1, 2019
Cunningham Falls State Park, surrounded by Catoctin Mountains, is a perfect picturesque location for a family outing. Go camping, hiking, or set a picnic at the Hunting Creek Lake.

Cunningham Falls

A namesake to the State Park, Cunningham Falls is the highest cascading 78 ft waterfall.

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Climb up the rocks or take a half-a-mile hike route leading directly to the falls. The view from the top of the Falls is a spectacle!

Hunting Creek Lake

Pack up a picnic box, spread a sheet, and lay down by the 44 acres lake.

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Swim in the warm waters of the beach at the Hunting Creek Lake, or grab a fishing rod and sit in solitude amidst the lake.

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Hiking Trails

Varying with difficulty levels, some easy, half-mile trails to more challenging 7.5 miles trails, the hikers are in for a treat while at the Cunningham Falls State Park.
With every trail and bends in the scenic Catoctin Mountains, the Cunningham Falls State Park will leave you wanting for more and more.

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Cat Rock at Catoctin Mountains

The Cat Rock/Bob's Hill hike trail, supposedly the most difficult one with a 7.5 mile route is a delight for hikers looking for a perfect hiking expedition.
Once at the top of Cat Rock, stand on the quartzite outcrop and admire the foliage of the Maryland's Blue Ridge Mountains and Frederick Valley.

Boats and Canoes at Hunter Creek Lake

Rent a boat or a canoe from the boat dock, and paddle your way into the 44-acres lake.

William Houck Area

The camping area is a short walk from the lake and has facilities like bath house, camp stores, boat rentals to offer.
Campers can choose from the 130 camping sites available; few well equipped and some with electric facility.

The Manor Area

Set up a camp at this 2nd campground available throughout the year with around 30 sites, some having  electricity supply,
The Cunningham Falls State Park organises an Annual Maple Syrup Festival, every year in the month of March. Learn the traditional methods of preparing Maryland's Maple syrup and let your taste buds crave for hot pancakes with the sugaring syrup.