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A Scenic Journey by The Royal Gorge Route Railroad, Colorado

Bindu swetha Jun 20, 2019
A train journey through beautiful mountains and scenic landscapes is the best way to explore Colorado. The heritage Royal Gorge Route Railroad has been serving people with this purpose since 1879. Today, nearly 100,000 tourists visit this railroad.

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The Journey

Train moves along the cliffs taller than 1000 ft on the scenic Royal Gorge Route.

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This exceptional journey starts at Canon City at the Santa Fe Depot in Colorado, lasts for about 2 hours and ends at Parkdale, beneath Royal Gorge suspension bridge.

What You Get to See

The highest suspension bridge built in 1897 is the main highlight of this journey.

Moreover, wildlife such as Bald Eagles, Bighorn Sheep and the likes can be spotted as well.
If you are of the enthusiastic types, then you must opt for 'Ride With The Engineer', and you get to sit right in front of the locomotive, with one of  onboard engineers. On the return journey, you will be shifted to the Vista Dome or join your rest of group at other seating areas.

What's On Offer

While delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner is prepared on-board; Vista Dome, Coach, Club and Oktoberfest are some of the classes of service available!

The Royal Gorge Canyon

If you wish to explore the Royal Gorge, then the Canyon is a great place. The 360-acre amusement park built on both sides of the suspension bridge is known as the 'Grand Canyon of the Arkansas River'. You can also try one of the aerial gondola rides, zipline, or skycoaster.

The History

In the early 1800s, the only mode of transport available to the silver miners was Railroads. This helped increase the mining activity in Colorado's mountain ranges. Once the mining operations were over, the train was revived for tourism purposes.

Few Tips

If you are on a shoe-string budget, you can buy tickets for the Open-Air Car; and if you are not, then try one of the luxurious classes such as Vista Dome or First Class.
If you are traveling during winters, keep a jacket handy, as it tends to get cold along the journey. But, during summers, it can really get hot in the train!