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A Trip to the Amazing Lion Country Safari, Florida

Plan a trip to this wonderful zoo which has been voted as the Top Local Attraction in the Palm Beach Post on Readers’ Choice Awards.
Aakash Jain May 6, 2019
Lion Country Safari is located in Loxahatchee, Palm Beach County, Florida, USA. Founded in 1967, it is a safari park that has become a popular tourist attraction.
It has over 900 animals in the 300 acre area, with lions, chimpanzees, giraffe, zebras and southern white rhinos being the major crowd-pleaser.
The park is divided into 7 sections, where each of these showcase distinct varieties of species.
  • Las Pampas (Aldabra tortoise)
  • Ruaha National Park (Impala)
  • Kalahari Bushveldt (Nile Lechwe)
  • Gir Forest (Nilgai, Blackbuck)
  • Gorongosa Reserve (African Lion)
  • Serengeti Plains (Ostrich, Wildebeest)
  • Hwange National Park (Southern White Rhinoceros and Zebra)
The best part of this safari is that you get to see animals moving over wide area, freely. Especially, the safari lets you closely experience the world of giraffes, zebras. Lions, however, roam in areas separated with fence, owing to their ferocious nature.
As per the official website, the best time to visit the zoo is during the rains, as animals tend to enjoy the cooler climate. They are also known to be lively in the mornings.
Lion Country Safari is total fun because of the Safari World. You can feed giraffes in Giraffe Feeding Area, and watch beautiful lories in Lory Feeding Aviary. Feeding parakeets is fun too. The park also has a restaurant and gift shops.
In addition, the Rio Grande Train, Flying Elephant Ride, boat rides, animal carousels, Safari Splash water play area will satiate your recreational requirements. The Animal Theater gives you an opportunity to witness animals showcasing their quirky skills and talents.
The park also has accommodation facilities, in KOA campground with the provision of RV and tent camping. As mentioned in their brochure, the entire service facility includes full RV hookups, tent sites and Kamping Kabins, with the pleasure of listening to the roaring of lions.
The park is open from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM. It is recommended to have 4-5 hours at your disposal, to explore the park completely. Lion Country Safari also provides super camp facilities and educational programs for schools and people who visit the zoo.