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A Walk in Busch Gardens, Florida

Prerana Jamdarkhana Jul 1, 2019
African-themed amusement park in Tampa Bay, Florida offers thrilling roller coasters, water rides, safari and lot more. Busch Gardens is a stop for both - adventurous souls and nature-lovers, to spend time with family and friends.

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Roller Coasters and Water Rides

Busch Gardens has many thrilling roller coasters and fun-filled, kids-friendly water rides, promising you an exhilarating and gasping experience.

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Did you know?

Sheikra is the world’s first dive coaster dropping-straight 90o.

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The Serengeti Express

The express train takes people through Serengeti Plain for an enthralling experience of spotting exotic animals, including Zebras, Antelopes, Giraffes, etc.

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Anyone who is a lover of panoramic snapshots with nature as backdrop would want to get on this cable-car ride.

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A fascinating view of the animals and roller coasters as you pass-by in your cable-car is a never-before experience.

Serengeti Safari

The Serengeti Safari allows people to have a closer look of animals, feed the Giraffes and ride through park under trained guides. The safari spans for 30 minutes riding across 65-acre plain.

Shows and Seasonal Events

On special occasions, Busch Gardens throws-in special activities like live-concerts, food-fest, talks on conservation, music shows, etc.
On days like Father’s Day, Independence Day, Christmas, Halloween and several others, Busch Gardens organizes exciting events for people to engage themselves in.

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Wine and Dine

Food and beverages have a place of their own. With all the snack-stops, restaurants and beer shops all along the park, you can never be bereft of options to eat and drink. Exclusive food and drink festivals are also marked on festivals.

Let’s Shop!

If you are just looking for a souvenir or in a mood of full-fledged shopping, Tampa Bay’s park shopping lane is filled with eccentric collections to add to your list.

Animal Education

Apart from safari and rides, kids can enroll in events conducted by Serengeti doctors educating about animal care, zoo maintenance and summer camps. One night stay is also available for children.