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All You Need to Know About the Oklahoma City Zoo

Swarali Jambhale Jun 13, 2019
A white-tailed deer being donated to a neighborhood – Wheeler Park, wrote the story of this zoo. The deer proved to be a novelty as it attracted larger animal donating crowds. Soon the upsurge in the animal collection formed the Oklahoma City Zoo - the then Wheeler Park which was wiped off by floods!
The Oklahoma City Zoo is the oldest zoo in the Southwest and is proud of being graded as one of the top 10 zoos in the United States!

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Spread over a land of 119 acres, the zoo is a shelter to 1,900 animals.

The Oklahoma city zoo is one of the only seven zoos to have an accreditation of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and the American Alliance of Museums (AAM)!

Zoo Highlights

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The Great EscAPE, Elephant Habitat, Butterfly Garden, Aquatics, Cat Forest, Island Life, Sea Lion Show are some animal specific exhibits Oklahoma City Zoo is famed for.

Zoo Amphitheater

The outdoor Zoo Amphitheater comes as a surprise that offers live music and exceptional outside performances!

OKC ZooZeum: An on-sight museum

The zoozeum is a collection of zoological and botanical history of the zoo, the zookeepers have been treasuring for more than 100 years now!

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Oklahoma Trails

Trail around the 8-acre land of 11 zones designed for 100 different species and end your trail right down at the replica of Turner Falls!

Herpetarium - A Special Mention

Started in 1928, the herpetarium has now become the oldest exhibit in the zoo.

This award winning exhibition space houses almost all the species of snakes and lizards! They have a wall just for rattlesnake species from all over the world!

What More Does the Zoo Offer?

To enjoy their efforts of zookeeping, the zoo offers a guided safari tour, safari voyage, keeper connections, a separate Children’s Zoo and Giraffe Feeding too!
The zoo has 100 acres of landscaped zoo grounds throbbing with animal and plant life.

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30,000 flowering bulb plants, 100 native plants (29 being endangered), 15,000 plants in the Butterfly Garden, a collection of rare plants from 5 different continents, the Oklahoma City Zoo is on the edge of getting listed as a botanical garden!


Tired of roaming around? Time to gorge on some food!

Canopy Food Court serves pizzas, hamburgers, hot dogs and Mexican food.

Several Cafes within the zoo give out coffees, drinks and snacks. The cafes are open seasonally depending upon the weather and crowd.
The Oklahoma City Zoo is a conservation zoo that solely endorses the purpose of education.