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Awesome Things to Do In Monterey

Monterey in California, boasts of splendid architectures, beaches and tranquillity. Not on your bucket list still? It will be, soon for sure!
Aakash Jain Jun 6, 2019

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Go Shopping at Old Fisherman's Wharf

Old Fisherman's Wharf, once popular as 'busy fish market', is known for souvenir shops, shopping complexes, and seafood restaurants today. Anglers have a great time at fishing spots here.
You can take a stroll around and soothe the eyes with beautiful sailboats. Watching whales and blue waters is also a favorite pastime of locals and tourists. Moreover, you can also attend concerts at New Wharf Theatre.

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Explore the Monterey Bay Aquarium

You can vicariously experience the marine life here. The Open Sea area and Ocean's Edge Wing are the main attractions which house stingrays, colorful fish, sea turtles and many more marine species.
The Jellies Experience will introduce you to the swarm of floating jellyfish. Other areas of the aquarium house penguins, ducks and octopus. In addition, you get to see the Pacific Ocean from the spots specially built for this purpose.

Relish the Seafood at Cannery Row

Once a home to canning factories of sardines; this place is now a hub of ethnic seafood restaurants.
Remnants of canning factories and some old machines in this area give it a vintage appeal. A stroll along the whole area also lets you enjoy the smooth breeze as it is located near the Monterey bay.

Relax at the Asilomar State Beach

Want to relax and laze around? Asilomar State Beach is for you. This beach popular for surfing, also offers you a scenic view of rocky mountains and moody waters. There is a hiking trail too, to take a promenade along the rocky coast.

Have Fun in the El Estero Park

Park defines fun and El Estero Park is no different. Take a walk around the El Estero lake, enjoy boating, fishing and viewing the surroundings.
'Dennis the Menace Playground' - named after the popular comic book 'Dennis the Menace' - is the highlight of El Estero Park. This playground has slides, climbing walls, fountain inside a lion's mouth, suspension bridge, and trails. There's a steam engine here which is the most photographed of all.

Visit the San Carlos Cathedral

This church has a lot to boast of. It is one of the oldest and still in function. The chapel is famous for its stylish Spanish-colonial architecture.
A lot of tourist pour in the city to see the Our Lady of Guadalupe statue. There is a bell tower that is rung to indicate about the Mass Schedule. Thanks to its proximity to the beach, the entire atmosphere in and around exudes peace and calmness.

Attend a Show at the Golden State Theatre

Want to be entertained? The Golden State Theatre serves entertainment at its best. It organizes various events like plays of various genres, concerts, stand ups, musical shows. Film screenings also happen sporadically. The relaxed seating arrangement and excellent sound system facilities will make your day.

Discover Point Lobos

'Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.'
- Albert Einstein

Point Lobos aptly describes this.
Deep blue waters beautifully guarded by lovely mountains on one side, make Point Lobos gorgeous. This place is world-famous for scuba diving for all the right reasons, thanks to its rich and diverse marine life.

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The cute and playful sea lions, who have an immense fan-following can be seen from the Sea Lion Point Trail.