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Best Amusement Parks in America

Ishani Chatterjee Shukla Sep 18, 2019
What can be a better idea to have fun with the entire family than taking a trip to an amusement park? Check out he best amusement parks in America to decide which one to hit the next time you plan a family outing.
Before machines the only form of entertainment people really had was relationships.
~ Doug Coupland
Indeed, this compulsion of turning to relationships for entertainment was what kept relationships intact. You see, as is with most machines and body parts, relationships often lose their functionality when they are not regularly oiled with the lubricants of intimacy, concern, communication and rendezvous.
Now, you must be wondering what does this lecture on relationships has to do with best amusement parks in America, right?

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Well, amusement and theme parks as a great machinery to reinforce emotional bonds and packs a family of any other closed social unit tighter. Don't get the point? Doesn't it feel great to laugh with people you love?
Isn't it a great relief to share your grief with you family and close friends? Didn't it feel awesome to scream together on the roller coaster ride the last time you visited an amusement park with your family or gang of thick pals? Now do you get my point?

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Amusement parks never lose their appeal to us, no matter what age we are. As kids, they fascinate us with their wide array of games, rides and various other entertainment booths and food stalls.

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As grown ups, they remind us of our juvenile years when we had so much fun visiting these amusement parks.

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The rides that had once scared us as kids thrill our adult senses and watching small children reacting the same way we did to those giant wheels take us on a trip down memory lane.

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Amusement parks always sentimental and before it gets carried away any more by nostalgia, let's take a trip to some of the best amusement parks in America.

America's Best Amusement Parks

Although America is a treasure trove o entertainment and abounds in enchanting amusement parks, following are some of the best that you can take a trip to, especially if you're a tourist or on a vacation to the Americas.

Cedar Point, Sandusky (Ohio)

A sprawling 364 acre premise boasting of 17 roller coasters, 75 other rides, 10 daily shows and a water park is a thing to be reckoned with.
Undoubtedly one of the best amusement parks in the US, Cedar Point is a thrilling escape for those who seek an adrenaline rush as well as for those who need a quiet break from life's rat race. No doubt, this is one of the best theme parks in America.

Walt Disney World, Orlando (Florida)

If it's anything to do with Disney, it's gotta be magical! Besides the tremendous amount of recreational options available, Disney World offers a wealth of ocular gratification in the form of beautiful landscapes and iconic imagery.
A total of four different Disney theme parks, several water parks, shopping areas, concert venues, restaurants and food joints make this amusement park more of an amazement park! This theme park is definitely worth a visit in a lifetime!

Universal's Islands of Adventure, Orlando (Florida)

If thrill is your stress buster and adrenaline rush is your amusement mantra, this theme park would jazz up your extended weekend!
Extended weekend would be ideal for visiting this amusement park as the high amounts of heavy-duty stuff this park offers is sure to wear you off and you'll need the next day to sleep it off before resuming on your daily chores.
This amusement park is composed of five theme venues or lands - Seuss Landing, Jurassic Park, The Lost Continent, Toon Lagoon and Marvel Super Hero Island. The major highlights are the four roller coasters that are sure to make your throats go sore by the end of the day (you know why, dontcha?)
These are the top three amusement parks in America. Besides these, America has some other amusement parks that are excellent for lighthearted escapades on a short notice.
Legoland (Carlsbad, California), Six Flags Great America (Gurnee, Illinois), Knoebels Amusement Resort (Elysburg, Pennsylvania), Universal Studios (Orlando, Florida), Busch Gardens Williamsburg (Williamsburg, Virginia), Disneyland Resort (Anaheim, California), Schlitterbahn (New Braunfels, Texas) and King's Island (Mason, Ohio) are good places for vacations.