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Best Beaches in California You Would Want to Be At

Rajib Singha Nov 01, 2019
Give yourself a break from your mundane life and get a revitalizing treat in some of the best beaches in California.
Beaches are one ultimate destination to wind up with friends, family or even when alone. They are one of the most majestic creations of Nature, where she shows the land slowly disappearing into the vastness of the water.
The wide blue ocean lying stretched to endless miles and touching the sky at its horizon, is one cool and soothing sight for the eyes.
How does it feel to stand knee deep in the cool clear waters of a beach and gazing at the approaching waves of the sea? Splendid, isn't it? Sunsets may be a common feature for everyone. But, watching the same at a beach is just another awe inspiring illusions of Nature.
It seems as if the great red sun which lights the entire world, is becoming weaker and helpless in front of the depths of the ocean; so helpless that it shrinks into darkness and deep sleep.

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For Surfing and Swimming

Clean water and good waves are among the most important requirements which people look forward to when deciding to go for swimming or surfing in beaches. Here are some popular and most visited beaches in California for swimming and surfing.

Ocean Beach

Located about 3.5 miles along the western shore of San Francisco, the ocean beach is the favorite for hard core surfers. This is due to its characteristic strong currents and fierce waves. Having said that, it does not go with beginner's luck and so not suitable for drop-in surfers.

Windansea Beach

Windansea Beach is popular due to its scenic attractions. It is one of the best surfing beaches, however, not for the ones who have little experience. If you make up your mind to visit this beach, not only surf the waters, but also enjoy whale-watching.

Rincon Beach

Ricon beach has been attributed as America's top surfing destination. This long, sandy beach attracts surfers due to its continuous hits of waves which keep coming and favoring the surfers. 

Zuma Beach

The Zuma beach has been a favorite among the locals. It is in Malibu and is one of the most visited beaches in the Los Angeles county. It is known for being the healthiest beach in the county. No wonder, it attracts all those health conscious surfers and watchers!

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For Families

Redondo Beach

It would be better to visit the beach on a weekday as weekends are crowded. It is one of the three beach cities in Los Angeles County in the South Bay region of greater Los Angeles area. The beach's long, paved path and abundant heaps of sands make it ideal for a family time out and for kids to play.

Rodeo Beach

The Rodeo beach stretches as far as 1000 yard long and it is of a crescent shape. The beach is a storehouse of dark pebbly sand (red and green) and a popular spot for kids to collect semi-precious stones.

Monterey State Beach

The amenities provided by this protected beach in California, include fishing, tidepools, scuba diving, kite-flying, volleyball and beachcombing, making it one of the beaches which is a family's favorite.

Coronado Beach

The beach has the hotel del Coronado and the downtown Coronado located nearby. After spending a good time on the sands and water, you can enjoy biking, rollerblading and shopping at the hotel.
You can treat yourself and your family with some delicious scoops of ice cream at the hotel. The beach adheres to complete safety for its visitors, by detaining people to drinking alcohol on the beach and from carrying any kind of glass, as well.

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So these were among the amazing beaches in California, which you can pay a visit to and enjoy the tranquility and peaceful atmosphere provided by nature. So, the next time you plan out for a holiday, just chill out at these places!