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Best Beaches in Massachusetts for Ocean Buffs

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa May 15, 2019
Massachusetts is quite rightly known as The Bay State. It has some of the best beaches in America to keep you cool in summer. The Cape Cod has over 500 miles of coastline of calm and gentle waters. These best beaches in Massachusetts are perfect for a kid’s day at the beach.

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#1 Chapin Memorial Beach

The best beach in Massachusetts to view the most unforgettable sunrise is at Chapin Memorial Beach. Four-wheel vehicles have access to the beach as well as to fishing at Bass Hole. It’s fun to walk on the wide tidal flats of this beach on Cape Cod Bay.

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#2 Quissett Harbor

This is a great sailing harbor off Buzzards Bay. It is a picturesque sailing destination with the cleanest water in these parts. You even have a hiking trail through woods of giant trees and a lovely beach to spend a lazy day.

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#3 Coast Guard Beach

This top-rated beach in Massachusetts is the most attractive and lively stretch of sand within the Cape Cod National Seashore. The ocean water is crisp all year round but does not stop you from enjoying all the pleasures offered by this picture-perfect beach.

#4 Good Harbor Beach

This prettiest beach in Massachusetts is the best place to play on the beach. This is one of Gloucester’s seven well-maintained beaches. The views of Gloucester’s Twin Light remain the highlight of this beach. In winter a stroll on the powdery white sand will prove to be an invigorating activity.

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#5 Crane Beach

The best family beach in Massachusetts is Crane Beach. You can spend time building sandcastles and trying to bodysurf. You could even hike on the trails over the dunes and along the shoreline. Be wary of the greenhead fly in July who can dampen your trip to the beach with their bite.

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#6 Singing Beach

This is one of the most unique beaches in Massachusetts. You can hear the sand sing. This unique phenomenon is believed to be produced by shear. This means when one sand grain rubs against the layer beneath it, leading to the distinct creaking sound of the sand.

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#7 Madaket Beach

This is the best island beach in Massachusetts. The surf at Madaket is wild so it’s better to enjoy the nature’s power and then get drowned in the spray. It has a relaxed vibe best for a family outing and enjoying sunsets.

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#8 Revere Beach

Revere Beach is the most happening beach in Massachusetts established in 1896. This hosts the most amazing events all year round such as Kite Festival in May, International Sand Sculpting Festival in July and much more.
These are some of the best beaches in Massachusetts. The long coastline of Massachusetts has different beaches to enjoy from Cape Cod Bay right down to Martha’s Vineyard. These out-of-the-ordinary beaches will let you create memorable memories for your family.