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Best Beaches in the USA

Niharika Arya Oct 13, 2018
The United States is covered with water from most of its sides, so to find the best beaches in USA is a difficult task as there are many options. Let's explore some of the top most beaches in the US where you can unwind with pleasure...
One of the best way to unwind yourself is to just sit on a beach and view the endless water coming towards you. That's why people look for beautiful beaches to be relaxed and stress free. According to the CIA World Factbook list, the coastline of US is approximately 12,383 miles. This shows the possibility of a huge number of beautiful beaches out there.
So let's make it short and sweet, and find out the top ten best beaches in USA. The selection of the beaches has been done on the basis of quality, safety, beauty, and facilities available. If you are looking out of the US of A, then here are the top 10 best beaches in the world for you to pick that perfect holiday spot.

Top 10 Best Beaches in the US

America's best beaches are some of the most amazing beaches in the world. They attract beautiful wildlife, and serve the best facilities for swimming, surfing, kayaking, and other water sports. Here the sun reflects the sands crystals to make them white and golden, and meet the water in some of the most beautiful forms.

Coopers Beach (Southampton, New York)

Cooper Beach is the main beach in the Southampton village. It's one of the most famous beach for clean, secure and beautiful environment.
It has an attractive Atlantic shoreline of around 500 feet, stretching for about 7 miles where you can enjoy the sunset and sunrise with proper lifeguards. It has a good atmosphere for families as well as groups of friends. Although the place is crowded, you can still enjoy the atmosphere and the water.
It also keeps history lovers busy with the historical facts and things, such as Southampton was the first settlement in New York and was founded in 1649. You can enjoy the water, rest, play or have a sunbath, and you can rest assured that it will be an amazing experience.

Siesta Beach (Sarasota, Florida)

Counted among the top white sand beaches in the world, Siesta Beach makes its unique presence in the quality of sand. It famous for clear and calm shores. You can jog, play volleyball, or even enjoy going there for a picnic - whatever you do, you will enjoy yourself for sure.
You can have a calm dinner or can enjoy the food in beach side restaurants and cafes. You can involve yourself in the magical beats of the Siesta Key Drum Circle with tribal dancers and belly dancers. Experience the magic and the calmness of this beautiful place.

Coronado Beach (San Diego, California)

Coronado Beach is located on the ocean side of Coronado Island, which is south to Naval Air Station. You can enjoy the whole day swimming, sailing, bodyboarding, or just falling asleep in the sun.
You can also play beach volleyball, or enjoy kite flying, tide pool exploration, etc. If you are passionate about photography, there are lots of things to enjoy and click pictures of, the beautiful scenery and flora being one of many.

Cape Hatteras (Outer Banks, North Carolina)

Cape Hatteras Beach is located in the Hatteras Island which is in the Atlantic Ocean and goes parallel to the coast of North California. It has the Pamlico Sound which is the largest lagoon in the world.
The sunset is one of the must see attractions of the Pamlico Sound. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, in Buxton, is the tallest lighthouse in America, measuring 198.5 ft (63 m). You can enjoy fishing, swimming, or rest, everything is safe here. But remember not to go into the water when it is dark as there are a danger of sharks.
Go for the whole day or a weekend and be sure to try to catch the rented plane experience of watching the island from top, it will be one of the best memories of the trip.

Main Beach (East Hampton, New York)

Main Beach is one of the five beaches in the Hampton village. As fishing and kayaking is allowed in only some areas, you can see swimmers enjoying and swimming with fun. Here you are safe with lifeguards always on duty. Also, don't miss the fireworks show which takes place every year on Labor Day weekend. So, enjoy the white sand and have fun to the fullest.

Kahanamoku Beach (Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii)

Kahanamoku Beach was named after Duke Paoa Kahanamoku who was an Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer, who is also called 'Father of Modern Surfing' by many. It's protected by an offshore reef which makes it a perfect place for family.
The clear calm water with lots of palm trees adds to its beauty. Try to make your trip on a Friday as the city of Honolulu conducts a firework show every Friday which is simply amazing to watch.

Coast Guard Beach (Cape Cod, Massachusetts)

This beach is very well-known for its natural beauty. The water here is chilly even in the summers because of the water currents. Although it is prone to hurricanes, in normal weather conditions, it is one of the best places to visit. Sometimes it may be crowded but going there and watching the natural scenery is well worth it.

Beachwalker Park (Kiawah Island, South Carolina)

This beautiful beach is located in the Kiawah Island. The beach stretches over 11 miles with beautiful water and sand. It is considered to be the best beach to play golf and tennis.
Beachwalker Park is a very beautiful part of this beach. You can see birds and other wildlife creatures here. Bikes can be a great idea to enjoy the place and even the beach.

Hamoa Beach (Maui, Hawaii)

Hamoa Beach is one of the most famous public beaches near Hana. It is covered with beautiful trees and palms which make it very beautiful. It has rain forests and though there is a possibility of rain every day, this is a must visit place.
The beach is two miles long and 125 feet wide. The Hanalei River to the east and the Waipa River to the west makes the beach more beautiful. People love to jump into the water from the Hanalei Pier and enjoy swimming in the water.

Cape Florida State Park (Key Biscayne, Florida)

The color of the water here is amazing and crystal clear. Your whole family can enjoy the swim together as the water is shallow. You can rent a four seater bike and can enjoy the ride around the sea with family.
Although the place is crowded during the holidays you still have space to enjoy and relax. You can also go to the Cape Florida Lighthouse and enjoy the view of the Miami skyline.
So these were the top ten beaches in USA that we're sure has made you excited, enthusiastic, and clamoring for a beach vacation. So don't give it a second thought and plan a trip with your family or friends this weekend itself. And as usual, have a blast!