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Best East Coast Beaches for Couples

Best East Coast Beaches for Couples

Traveling to the best East Coast beaches of the US is a very popular way to rekindle the lost love in your life. So for couples who are looking to spend some quality time with each other, these places can definitely be your safe haven for those precious moments...
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
East Coast beaches of the US always hold a special place in the heart for couples all around the world. They offer tons of options for couples who just want to have some quality time with each other. Beaches are also an ideal destination for newly married couples. Couples who want quality time with each other, prefer going to a beach because it's one place where both beauty and peace comes as a balanced equation. On these beaches, passion reignites again and couples once again feel the magic of love.

Best East Coast Beaches for Young Adults

Live up the romance in your relationship with few days on the beach where you and your partner can blissfully lay in the sun and sand. Hold hands and have quiet romantic night walks on the beach with your special someone. The following beaches are filled with romance, innocence and flirting which is something that every couple needs after some time.

Hamptom Beach, New Hampshire
Hampton Beach is probably the most preferred beach of many couples. The entire sandy area is filled with great food and games. Couples can relax by lying down on the wide sandy areas of the beach or go scuba diving in the clear waters. Tourists can also catch some great entertainment at the Seashell Amphitheater. The Hampton beach also plays hosts to various cultural festivals which will keep the excitement factor in high spirits.

Bowman's Beach, Florida
Normally couples prefer going to places which have less crowd and noise and hence going to a secluded beach sounds like a great idea for a romantic getaway. Bowman's Beach is filled with linen sand and clear waters. Couples won't see much crowd, but will see other couples who are enjoying some quality time with each other. There's not much construction on the area, though Bowman does have an added advantage which none of the other beaches have - delicious barbecue grills.

South Beach, Florida
When couples reach South Beach they see the warm sun, blue sky, crystal clear water and nothing but love all around. The beach is filled with amazing views and couples from all over the world come to South Beach to enjoy its night life, stunning sandy shores and amazing food. Couples can also dig into the wide range of cuisines ranging from Mexican to Japanese and Vietnamese to Greek. You and your spouse can take part in the countless water activities during the day and if you guys have any time to spare then head out to enjoy the amazing night life.

Sandbridge Beach, Virginia
Only 15 miles away from the Virginia Beach resort area, the surroundings of Sandbridge Beach gives you the feeling of another heaven. Couples can lie down on the golden colored sands and enjoy the sunset. If you are up for activity, then a trip to the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge can be arranged. Termed as one of the most beautiful beaches of Virginia, Sandbridge Beach is surely one of the best east coast vacation spots of the US.

Gunnison Beach, New Jersey
Located on the Sandy Hook Peninsula in the northeastern corner of New Jersey, Gunnison is one of the most famous clothing optional beach of the world. It's not that couples can't wear clothes on this beach, but most people who come to vacation on this beach are nude. There are even signboards for visitors which say that they might encounter nude sunbathers beyond a certain point. Even with the nudist tag, Gunnison is one of the most romantic east coast beaches for couples.

These beaches serve as a perfect romantic getaway for couples wanting to spend some quality time together. To enjoy a comfortable stay it's advised that couples place their reservations in advance to avoid disappointments on reaching.