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Best East Coast Beaches for Families

Amruta Gaikwad Sep 20, 2019
Beaches are a favorite vacation spot for many of us. Nothing can be as pleasurable as watching and taking a dip into the clear blue sea. The following are some of the beaches, that come with some of the best activities, dining and accommodation options.

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Beach vacations are always rejuvenating and recreational. The United States is known to have some beautiful beaches on the east coast for families, which are mainly frequented during the summer time.
Even a weekend getaway at the beach could distract your mind and bring mental peace.
Nowadays, many beaches come with interesting water activities and even comfortable lodgings, to make the beach vacation pleasurable and enjoyable. Also making sand castles, swimming in the blue sea, or just walking along the shore is equally revitalizing and fun.

Best Atlantic Coast Beaches in US

The United States displays some of the best east coast vacation spots, which mainly exposes its visitors to beautiful beaches accompanied by soft rich sand and sea oats. Following is the list of east coast beaches which are best suited for family vacations.

Sandbridge Beach, Virginia

Virginia holds some of the most beautiful clear water beaches, which are suitable for family getaways. Among them, Sandbridge Beach is frequently visited by many tourists. The seashore is covered by rich golden sand, blanketed by sea oats.
Beautiful beach houses and cottages make for a good and a comfortable stay for families who want to visit Sandbridge Beach. The area around the Sandbridge Beach offers some interesting shops, giving you a chance to indulge into some shopping.
Arrangement of certain activities such as kayaking, surfing and dolphin tours keep the tourists engrossed into their vacation. After plunging into the activities of your choice, you can enjoy a nice sunset dinner at the beach with your family.

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Maryland Beaches

Ocean City is a popular beach. It is heavily packed by many tourists and has many amazing activities to offer to its tourists. Due to its good climatic conditions, people around the world love chilling at the Ocean City Beach of Maryland.
It is one of the most crowded beach, the seashore having soft light brown sand along with crystal clear water.
One of the commercialized beaches, Ocean City has many hotels, restaurants providing all sorts of accommodation as per the requirement of the family. Occasionally, Ocean City arranges for live concerts and other activities for people to participate.

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Sandy Hook Beach, New Jersey

Sandy Hook beach stretches up to 6 miles and is located towards the eastern coast of New Jersey. Throughout the year, Sandy Hook Beach plays host to many families, couples and youngsters who visit the beach for recreational purposes.
The beach is equipped with life guards for the protection of the visitors, rest rooms and little shacks that provide excellent food for its visitors. The nearby accommodations available around the Sandy Hook Beach are Sandy Hook Cottage, Seascape Manor, Grand Lady and Nauvoo.
Restaurants such as Sea Gulls' Nest Deck, Landmark Bahr's Landing, Something Fishy and Moby's are great options for dining purposes.

Sea Island, Georgia

Sea Island is more calm, quiet and a little isolated from the city life. These reasons pull many people to visit the Sea Island beach in Georgia. It has some great spas and a variety of activities in store for visitors. While the women rejuvenate themselves in spas, children and men can engross themselves in different activities like tennis and horse riding.
Cloister is among the well-known resorts of Sea Island that offers luxurious suites and can comfortably accommodate families. If you want to wake up to the early morning sea, then this beach has beautiful beach cottages in store for you. Summers is the best time to visit the Sea Island beach.

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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Located in South Carolina, Myrtle Beach has a many motels, resorts, condos and beach houses where families can settle in. Children enjoy spending time at the water and amusement parks set up at Myrtle Beach.
Flea markets, malls and boutiques offer some great shopping too. Myrtle Beach is a suitable place for family vacations and weekend getaways.
These are some of the beaches, which could be opted for just weekend getaways or even for a few a days of vacation.