Best Hawaiian Island To Visit

Best Hawaiian Island To Visit
A dream vacation for many, finding the 'right' island to visit is the first thing you need to do before you plan ahead. Read the UStravelia article to learn about the different islands in Hawaii, and finalize a spot.
UStravelia Staff
With 1,500 miles of 8 major islands, underwater seamounts, several small islets (islands), and numerous islands of coral that encircle the lagoons to choose from, Hawaii offers something different for everyone.
It all depends on what you want out of your Hawaii vacation, and the activities provided at the island. Although there are several islands in Hawaii, not all of them are open for tourists. So why not take a look at the magnificent islands, and make your trip to Hawaii an experience you'll never forget.
Breathtaking Hawaiian Islands to Visit
Get ready for some "wow" experience as I give you some detailed information about each of the Hawaiian islands. Once you read what each of these islands have to offer you, you can decide which is the best island for your next vacation.
The biggest island in Hawaii which is also nicknamed as "The Big Island", Hawaiʻi is the youngest of all the islands around and it's still growing. There are 11 different climate zones that contributes to the lush rainforests, black sand beaches, waterless deserts, and snow-crested mountains. Things to do on the Big Island:
  • Visitors can witness molten lava flowing at the Kīlauea volcano that has been flowing for over 20 years in the Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park.
  • Take a hike in a tropical paradise ofWaipiʻo Valley which is often referred to as the "Valley of the Kings".
  • Discover the biggest ancient Hawaiian temple Puʻukoholā Heiauor "Hill of the Whale" open to tourists, which is probably one of the last sacred structures left in Hawaii. You can also spot some humpback whales there in the spring and winter months.
  • Remember I mentioned the snow-crested mountains? Enjoy playing in the snow on Mauna Kea, the world's tallest mountain from the sea floor.
  • Hilo and the sunny Kona coast offer brilliant cultural sites, cuisines, galleries, shops, restaurants, diving, spotting dolphins, snorkeling, boating, swimming with Manta rays, and deep sea fishing for giant Pacific Blue Marlin.
O'ahu or The Gathering Place, is the most populous and busiest island in Hawaii and comprises 70 percent of the population. It homes the state's capital Honolulu, Waikiki beach, and has tons of attractions for tourists. Things to do on O'ahu:
  • Want to learn surfing? Then your wish can be fulfilled at the Waikikibeach. And if you feel you can't really get it right, sit back at the beach and watch world-class surfers tame huge waves.
  • Looking for a gorgeous night in the town. O'ahu offers the most happening downtown nightlife, five-star restaurants, lush mountains, and some of the most amazing art galleries.
  • Don't forget to visit the world famous USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.
  • Did you know that O'ahu has been featured in tons of movies and TV shows? Perhaps you might remember some: LOST, 50 First Dates, Jurassic Park movies, Pearl Harbor, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Hawaii Five-O, From Here to Eternity, The Karate Kid II, and many more.
If you're wondering which island to select when traveling with kids, then it's Maui. There are 4 islands in Maui, the main island of Maui, Moloka'i,Kaho'olawe, and Lānaʻi. Personally I feel that the best places to see in Mauiare Haleakalā National Park, Lāhainā, and the Hāna Highway. Maui or "The Valley Isle" has 13 volcanoes, 9 hiking points, 11 different beaches, 4 kayaking points, 8 historical locations, 8 deep-sea and local fishing spots, 10 different places for family oriented fun (zoos, water parks, and aquariums), 15 gold locations, 10 National and State Parks, 11 different locations for whale watching and snorkeling. Besides these, other things to do in Maui:
  • Take a helicopter ride to the Haleakalā Crater and watch the beautiful sunrise. Perfect for honeymoon couples and families as well.
  • Take an adventurous excursion to spot the humpback whales.
  • Drive on the 53-mile long Hāna Highway and enjoy the glorious scenery.
Kauaʻi is also known as "The Garden Isle" because of its lavish tropical vegetation. Perhaps you remember Kauaʻi from the movie Jurassic Park? Take a look at some beautiful Kauaʻi beaches. Things to do in Kauaʻi:
  • Visit Waimea Valley, the grand canyon of the Pacific coast or Nā PaliValley that has majestic waterfalls and mountains (only accessible by boats or helicopters).
  • You can also take a hike on the Waimea Valley and enjoy some excellent sites.
  • There's the Wailuā River where you can have fun kayaking.
Niʻihau or "The Forbidden Isle" is privately owned and is off limits to tourists. But if you like adventure, there are a few ideas around it. You can take a helicopter ride or sail along the secluded coast where there's a break in the peninsula up north. You can spend the day snorkeling, scuba diving, spot schools of beautiful fish and dolphins, Hawaiian monk seals, and humpback whales. You can get more information from the island of Kauaʻiwhere these excursions start from.
Hawaii gives you long, lazy days at sea, splendid waterfalls, crystal clear waters, breathtaking sea cliffs, and much more. It's difficult to mention everything in one article what Hawaiian islands have to offer. But all I can say is that no matter which island you choose, you won't be disappointed. Instead of searching for the best island, why not treat your family and yourself to a tropical paradise.