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Best Paddle Boarding Spots in Hawaii

Joe Parker Aug 1, 2019
Hawaii is thought to be the birthplace of paddleboarding and there are good reasons for it being where the sport originated. One of the reasons is its natural environment which creates countless places that can be considered perfect for paddle boarding. Here we would introduce to you the top 5 paddle boarding spots in Hawaii.

Lanikai Beach to the Mokulua Islands, Oahu

The Lanikai Beach can offer you with an enjoyable paddle boarding experience. The water is crystal clear. It's just a mile away from the Moks Islands, a place full of birds and other ocean life. The morning sunrise view here is just fantastic.

Wailua River to Secret Falls, Kauai

Check out the Wailua River, a navigable river(actually the only one in Hawaii), perfect for paddleboarding. The water is calm and suitable for paddling. Along the river are some spots worth exploring like Kamokila village and the secret falls.

Makena Landing Park, Maui

The fun part of paddle boarding in the Makena Landing Park is a big chance that you may encounter sea turtles. But paddling here could be a real challenge since the coastline is rather rocky compared to other ordinary paddling spots.

Popoia Island, Oahu

The Popoia Island is also called Flat Island. It is mainly made of fossilized coral reef. It's just a mile away from the Kailua Beach Park. Here you can spot wildlife like wedge-tailed shearwater, sea-birds and jellyfish.

Hanalei River, Kauai

Along the Hanalei River are some spectacular views including the volcanic rock mountains filled with lush greenery. You are likely to spot waterfalls falling off from the mountains. As you head closer to the ocean, the water will start to get choppier so make sure you get yourself a good SUP board for that.