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Wish to Live in Florida? These are the Best Places Around

Best Places to Live in Florida
Living in Florida, especially near the waters, does seem like a dream for many. The state offers some of the most picturesque locations in the country. However, reality is far from a dream. Relocating to Florida requires a lot of money if you want to live in the 'good' areas. After that, you also need to find a locality/county that has low crime rates, as crime is high throughout the state. However, the state has irresistible homes to offer.
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Last Updated: Feb 3, 2018
Did You Know?
Florida is one of the seven states in the United States of America that prohibit the open carrying of handguns. However, it is permitted in a few circumstances, as defined by Florida statute 790.25(3).
Tallahassee is an Ideal City for Students
State capitol building in Tallahassee, Florida
The capital of Florida, Tallahassee is a city you will like only if you're a student. There aren't great jobs and there also isn't much recreation. Approximately, a little less than half of the population here are students. People with families don't like the city due to the 'not much to do' factor. Universities such as Florida State University and Florida A&M University, however, make this an ideal place for students.
Life of Students in Tallahassee
Students also need to incur staying costs, which like the rest of Florida, are high in Tallahassee as well. However, students always have an option to share with fellow students, and can thus control their expenditure. Recreation for students isn't as bad as it is for the rest of the population with frequent student parties and get-togethers.
Key Largo is the Best City to Live in After Retirement
Fishing Off Peer
A general trend in the United States shows that people save up a lot before they retire and then buy homes in localities they always dreamt of. If you are one of them, then your best option is Key Largo, the largest and northernmost of the Keys. Known as the Diving Capital of the World, it is located an hour south of Miami. The houses are very, very expensive, but if you can afford them, they're worth the price.
Lifestyle in Key Largo
The lifestyle on this Key is very casual and relaxed. However, you will still find everything you need from basic necessities such as pharmacies and supermarkets to discount stores and professional offices. Food and clothing expenses are easy on the wallet, so you won't be adding more to your budget. It is advised that you look at a few rental properties and then come to a decision.
Boca Raton is the Best City to Live with Kids
Boca Raton
Boca Raton is a city in Palm Beach County known for its wealthy living and polished lifestyle and also for its kid attractions such as Sugar Sand Park.Living here is going to be an expensive affair. A general trend in this city shows that most of the residents don't live here. This also means that finding a property on rent might be an easy option, although not financially.
Finding a Home in Boca Raton
If you have the money, Boca Raton offers you a few of the most luxurious residential areas. The city is home to three of the ten most expensive gated communities in the United States according to Forbes. Boca Raton is also home to notable private schools making it one of the best places to live in Florida with the kids. There are flourishing industries, with companies such as Office Depot and IBM. These are also considered few of the top employers in the city.
Living with your family here is a good option as this city has something for everyone; good jobs for parents, schools for children, and good public health schemes for seniors along with other recreational options such as a good theater circle. Crime is a problem in the city, but if you have one of the gated communities as your residence, there isn't anything to worry.
Orlando is the Best City to Live in if you're Looking for Work
Lake Eola and Orlando skyline
You must know that a lot of cities in Florida are mentioned on many lists as the most difficult or hardest to find a job. Orlando is your safest bet with a metro area that is home for a large technology industry. Though Jacksonville offers more jobs, the high crime rates make living impossible. Since the past few years, unemployment is gradually reducing and employment analytics say that more jobs are on their way. Electronic gaming, film and television are other noted industries here.
Cons of Living in Orlando
A negative point is the rising house prices. Owning a home in Orlando is no more an easy game. If you're moving here for work, rent a property and/or share it with someone. Orlando is one of the top 100 most dangerous cities in the United States. As mentioned earlier, crime rates are a shocker, especially if you're moving in from another state.
Palm Beach is the Best Place to Live in for Couples
West Palm Beach, Florida
One of the most famous counties, Palm Beach is a place for the wealthy. However, if you are working and so is your better half, with a good financial plan you can make your dream home come true. A 2-day cruise on Celebration Cruise Line operates from the Port of Palm Beach to the Bahamas. Crime has always been a problem in Palm Beach but the rates have dropped since the last few years. Nevertheless, a lot of people advise that you buy a place in a well-guarded locality.
Basic living costs are high, so make sure you have a superb financial plan before relocating here. For recreation, there are a lot of shopping malls, nightclubs, cafes, and bars at the Delray Beach. The only reason why Palm Beach makes it to this list in spite of the high crime rates is because it provides you with an almost unreal living experience otherwise.
The county's official website will provide you with every detail, right from how you can adopt a pet to finding a property of your choice.
As you may have realized, Florida, which is home to the largest vacation resort in the world, isn't usually considered such a great home for people who are relocating to the state. However, these were 'comparatively' few of the best places to live in Florida. Think things over a million times before you decide to move in here. If you already have, Best of Luck!
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