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Best Places to Live in Florida for Retirees

Aparna Jadhav Sep 18, 2019
Florida has always been one of the best places for retirees and senior citizens to live in. If you wish to find out the best places to live in Florida for retirees, here's all you need to know.
Everyone likes a relaxed life in a city where life is slow and the neighborhood is friendly. A place with limited traffic on the roads and all your requirements like gas stations, hospitals and grocery stores are nearby.
This is a perfect lifestyle for older people who are retirees and can't take a stressful or busy lives.
Florida is a state in the USA situated on the Gulf Coast. The population of this state as per the 2017 estimate was 20,984,400. It has a tropical climate. It is rich in beautiful natural landscapes and scenery, ancient historical museums, and architecture.
With so many great things about this state, Florida is surely one of the most peaceful options for people retired from their profession.

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Many people like to relocate when they retire from their profession, and settle for slower lifestyles. After retirement, they like to enjoy a life which is stress free and comfortable, thus moving away from a busy city or a crowded area into the suburbs is a great option.
There are a few cities in Florida that provide such conditions and are considered safe and accessible. So, here are some of the best places to live in Florida for retirees seeking a slow and carefree life.


A city situated in Polk County, Lakeland is a beautiful stop between Tampa and Orlando. The population here, as per the 2016 estimate was 106,420. The name is derived from the presence of about 38 lakes in the city. The climate of this city is cool and sunny, which can be enjoyed throughout the day.
The crime rate in Lakeland is not high at all, making this city a safe place to live in for retired citizens. The neighborhoods are friendly, and the cost of living is moderate. A great place for an easy life after retirement.

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Another city, which is also one of the smallest principle cities in the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater metropolitan area or the Tampa Bay area, is Clearwater. Located in Pinellas County, the cost of living is also less in Clearwater.
Enriched with a tropical climate, good public transportation, safety policies and entertainment places, this city is a great alternative to busy cities. Life here does not demand much expenditure, making it a perfect retirement spot and one of the most affordable places to retire.

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Unlike the earlier two cities, Tampa is one of the major cities, located in the Hillsborough County. The population of this city according to the 2016 estimate was 377,165, and it is surely a crowded city for retired people.
However, suburbs are very peaceful, low on traffic, with pleasant tropical climate, casual yet close to the main city. The crime rate is slightly higher, as Tampa is more commercial, but with excellent security services, there is no need to worry. The cost of living for retired individuals is convenient, but more expensive than the rest of the cities.

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Boca Raton

Boca Raton is yet another retirement city that is located in Palm Beach County. Low in population, this city is one of the biggest vacation spot in this county.

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Flaunting a tropical climate, you will observe lush green palm trees grown neatly on the sidewalks, with hardly any cars on the streets.
The city is known to be one of the 10 best places to retire as it has a very moderate cost of living with a low crime rate, which is perfect for older citizens. With safe neighborhoods, nearby gas stations and stores, living here can truly be a joyous experience for retired individuals.
These were some of the places in Florida where you can settle after your retirement. So, go ahead and make the right choice, as you deserve to have a happy and comfortable life in these years.