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Thinking of Living in South Carolina? These are the Best Places

Best Places to Live in South Carolina
Thinking of moving to South Carolina? From sandy beaches and affable landscapes to rural lifestyle with affordable living, SC has a number of reasons to do that. A number of cities in this state are great places to live in because of their economic convenience and staying conditions. Some of the major cities are quite populated and they are known to be metropolitan cities in America.
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Last Updated: Feb 3, 2018
As most of you know, South Carolina is a well-known state situated on the east coast of the United States of America. It is bordered by North Carolina to the north and by Georgia to its south and west, along with the Atlantic ocean to the east. The Savannah river flows across this state with a number of geographical features situated around as well. Because of the features such as plains, plateaus, mountain ranges and the coastal region, the climate of this place is subtropical and humid.
greenville south carolina
Being the leading metropolitan area in the state, the population of Greenville is 61,397 and is an excellent place to work and live. Since it is located between Charlotte, North Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia, traveling to both the nearby states is absolutely convenient. The climate here is extremely friendly with minimum storms and humidity. A great place to live if you are new to this place.
The city is about 20 minutes from Greenville and is very close to the North Carolina border. It is known as the 'Fast Track' city because of the quick industrial and economic development it has witnessed in the past few years. The population of this city is 37,647 people and is also very convenient to travel to the neighboring states. With calm, well-organized traffic and beautiful buildings, Spartanburg could be a good option as well.
Myrtle Beach
myrtle beach south carolina
Myrtle Beach is known to be a vacation destination for visitors. This city holds a population of 29,175 people and the climate all year round is warm with a lovely, cool ocean breeze. Known for its scenic beauty, clean and serene beaches, rocking nightlife, and classy restaurants, Myrtle Beach would surely be a party to live in! However, it is also a very commercial city with various professional opportunities. Thus, to find the cost of living in South Carolina, you must try this city out!
columbia south carolina
Columbia the capital of South Carolin is surely one of the best places to live deep south. It has a population of 133,358 people and is known as "University Town." There are various colleges and universities that allow about 25,000 students to study different types of courses. There are many cultural and recreational centers in this city of youth which makes Columbia an excellent educational center for many. The cost of living is considerably low, because of the dominant student population.
Now, for the "Magic City", Florence is a city where business, entertainment, education, and every other aspect of society come together. Being the largest city in the northeastern part of SC, the city holds a population of 37,792 people. This city is also a common stop for people traveling from the coast to the inner states. There are museums, theaters, universities, corporate firms, and many other social organizations that provide opportunities to many newcomers.
If you want the feel of Greenville, but want to pay lesser with more facilities, Anderson's your pick! The city is situated in the northwestern corner of SC and has a rich historic past. There is a population of 26,985 people and the city has its own healthy economy which makes it a great place to live for families or couples looking for settlements. The climate here is wonderful throughout the year, accompanied by scenic beauty, organized roads and traffic, and a friendly social environment.
Early Morning At Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach
Downtown Night Scene Of Columbia Sc
Columbia South Carolina
Columbia South Carolina
South Carolina
Cathedral In City Of Florence
South Carolina State Capitol Building
Palazzo Pitti
Myrtle Beach South Carolina