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Best Places to Stay in New Orleans

Ishwari Pamu Jul 10, 2019
New Orleans – a magical place that casts a spell over each and every one of its visitors and leaves them bewitched by its characteristic beauty and classy vibe. View some of the best places to stay in the city.

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Bourbon Street

One day, a part of New Orleans went, “Oh! I like the 18th century, let’s stay here.” Charming 18th century houses line Bourbon Street that’s set in the lively and ever-vibrant French Quarter.

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The nightlife and partying can get pretty crazy around here. There’s smooth jazz flowing through the most gorgeous bars and happening clubs. There are chic and cozy-looking restaurants where the food is to die for. Bourbon street has something for everyone.

Jackson Square

New Orleans’ most cherished location includes museums and historic buildings.
This place has an interesting history and immense cultural significance. If you enjoy history, art galleries, museums and churches, then this is the place for you.

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Garden District

Though less scenic than the famed French Quarter, it has its charm.

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Dotted with local breweries, hip restaurants, historic mansions and lush greenery, oak trees hemming the streets and absolutely lovely gardens.

Central Business District (CBD)

Though it houses many of the city’s government buildings, hotels, big commercial offices, etc., the district is quite interesting.
It is ideal for people visiting the city for business or for those on a budget.

Bayou St. John

This neighborhood is settled at the edge of the Bayou and offers the most beautiful sunsets; it is ideal for people looking for some quiet time, kayakers and good music.


Think lagoons, centuries-old oak trees, classic bars, breweries, lush greenery, sculpture gardens and unique experiences. This place makes you feel like you’re a part of the city.


With a history that inspired the invention of jazz music, it is home to the Louis Armstrong Park and the Congo Square which host numerous concerts. Tremé also boasts of rich African-American history and the finest local jazz bars.

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Canal Street

With boutiques and small shopping stores skirting the streets, it is the go-to shopping place for youngsters. This bustling place serves as the hub for entertainment and as a gathering place for the locals.