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Best Things to Do in Houston

Muneeza Jamal Nov 26, 2019
To talk about Houston, Texas, it is one of the best places to visit as it is full of scenic beauty. The place has many attractions for visitors on a trip. The city has many museums, parks and a space center for enjoyment. Families as well as couples can enjoy as much as possible. The weather is hot and humid in summers and cool in winters.

Museum of Natural History

The children have many attractions to look up to as well, there is a museum of natural history which excites the children and the tickets are available at a decent price. Everything is so well planned in the museum that children come and enjoy till the end.

Downtown Aquarium

There is a downtown aquarium that has many species of fish and underwater animals, that are interesting to watch out for. Not to forget the space center it has exciting activities designed for children to enjoy an experience of outer space. They can build-a-rocket also and learn various things about space.


The place has many parks and recreation for families and couples to have a relaxing time together. The parks have walking or jogging tracks, a variety of flowers to attract nature lovers. People usually come to enjoy the fresh and the serene environment and relax from the stresses of life.

Scrumptious Food

Talking about having a good time without the essence of food is highly impossible. The city offers a wide variety of cuisines and street food that has a taste of its own and people flock the eating place to grab a decent bite.

Houston Zoo

Houston Zoo, located in the Hermann Park is another city’s attraction, perfect for tourists and children. It is home to 6000+ exotic animals and also includes an education center as well as a zoo for the children. Some famous animals include giraffes and marine animals such as sea lions and otters.

Museums & Gardens

There are more attractions in Hermann Park such as the Houston Museum of Natural Science, McGovern Centennial Garden and a Japanese Garden. You can also engage in a paddle boat trip on the McGovern Lake or walk alongside the park’s walking trails.


Galveston beaches lie less than an hour from Houston. When it comes to taking a vacation from the city, visit Galveston to spend time under the sun. You can visit the historic downtown and dine at the seaside restaurant to enjoy scrumptious food.

Exciting Annual Events

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is one of the biggest annual events in this city. It stretches to 19 days and is held in February or March. Plan your visit to Houston during this time to experience the city celebrating the event. Settling in Houston is even better. Find an apartment locator Houston service to find the apartment of your choice.