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Best Things to Do in Kiwanis Park, Tempe

Reshma Jirage Aug 9, 2019
Occupying the area of about 125 acres, Kiwanis Park welcomes the tourists with its numerous entertainment facilities such as Swimming, Tennis Center, Recreation Center, Batting Cages, Fishing Lake, Volleyball Courts, Soccer Fields, Ramadas and Picnic Areas.
If you are looking for a relaxing vacation full of fun, then Kiwanis Park can be a perfect choice for you. Located in Tempe, Arizona, surrounded by beautiful elm trees, Kiwanis Park is a home to various recreational activities that include horseshoes, lighting, baseball diamond, batting range, swimming, softball fields and playground.
The GreenAcres playground offers an opportunity to enjoy sliding, climbing and swings too. To the west side of the ground, fitness equipment are installed, providing full body exercise options. Horseshoe pits are small open space, shady areas, providing a great relaxation.

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Kiwanis Park is known as one of the best sports complexes in Arizona. The tourists can take advantage of numerous sports activities like tennis, volleyball, basketball and batting. It is an ideal destination for all the sports-lovers of all ages.
The Kiwanis wave pool is another major attraction for the tourists. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy lap swimming all the time. Many special events are organized in this indoor pool throughout the year.
Moreover, there are lots of interesting places to visit nearby Kiwanis Park. Visit Phoenix Zoo to witness an amazing world of animals, enjoy various games at Main Event Entertainment, watch exotic sea creature at Sea Life Arizona Aquarium.

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Or take pleasure of shopping at huge shopping mall, Arizona Mills.

Phoenix Zoo

It is so close to Kiwanis Park that you can’t stop visiting this wonderful zoo. African lions, jaguars and Sumatran tigers are the main attractions in this zoo.

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Other animals include Komodo dragons, Bornean orangutans, Asian elephants and giraffes.

Main Event Entertainment

It is a must-visit place in Arizona, offering various fun attractions under one roof. You may enjoy bowling games and leaderboard.
There are also many arcades and virtual reality games. But the major attraction is the giant Pac-Man. Also, there are many other games like Star Wars Battle Pod or Space Invaders.

Sea Life Arizona Aquarium

This amazing aquarium comprises 30 exhibitions with different sea creatures. Walking through sea-life’s 360 degrees ocean tunnel gives a spectacular experience of being surrounded by the ocean.
It’s quite thrilling to watch rays, lion fish, sea turtles, hammerhead sharks and other creatures swim by you.