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Best Things to Do in Long Beach, California

Deepa Kartha May 22, 2019
Located in Southern California, Long Beach is a port city with the vibe of a small town. Although popular for its spectacular beaches, there are many things that attract people here. Pleasant climate, beautiful waterfront attractions, interesting museums and friendly neighborhoods are some of the things that await you at Long Beach, California.

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Chill at the Beaches

It is not surprising to know that Long Beach is known for its pretty beaches. Apart from the spectacular sunset, the beaches are also great for kiteboarding, fishing, swimming, windsurfing, kayaking, cycling, skating, etc.
Alamitos, Junipero, Belmont Shore, Peninsula Beaches, etc., are some of the most popular beaches in the city.

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Explore Queen Mary

Long Beach is home to the renowned RMS Queen Mary, an ocean liner that has been docked here since its last journey in 1967.
Today, it is a museum as well as a hotel where you can go on guided tours, have a meal at one of the restaurants, enjoy a drink and even stay for the night.

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Do not miss the Ghosts and Legends tour, where a paranormal expert takes you through the ship while telling you legendary stories about the historical events and paranormal activities on the ship.

Indulge the Art Enthusiast in You

Long Beach would be a delight for those interested in art. It is home to The Museum of Latin American Art (the only one in the USA), where you would be able to see modern sculptures as well as paintings.
There is also the Pacific Island Ethnic Art Museum, which shows carvings, sculptures and paintings from all of the Pacific Islands. Here, the art pieces are from the personal collection of the late Dr. Robert Gumbiner.

Check out the Long Beach Museum of Art that has artifacts from 20th century European to contemporary American art, especially Californian.

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Stroll Around the Aquarium of the Pacific

Popular with both kids and adults, the Aquarium of the Pacific is one of the fun things to do in Long Beach, California.
With nearly 500 different species in exhibits and 11,000 marine animals, exploring the aquarium is surely a delight. Enjoy checking out the inhabitants including sea otters, penguins, seals, sharks, stingrays, moon jelly, etc.

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Visit the Lorikeet Forest, the aviary, to not only see the colorful birds but also to feed them. The Shark Lagoon would give you the chance to view more than 150 sharks and also to pat one of them. The exhibits at the aquarium are not only interesting but interactive too.

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Have Fun at Rainbow Harbor and Shoreline Village

A holiday is not complete without indulging in shopping and fun activities. Long Beach's Rainbow Harbor and Shoreline Village offer you just that.

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Rainbow Harbor is known for its waterfront activities, while Shoreline Village is the perfect place to shop for gifts and souvenirs, eat something delicious and stroll around with your family and friends.

Enjoy the Tranquility of Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

Located inside the California State University Long Beach, the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden is dedicated to Earl Burns Miller by his wife, Loraine Miller Collins.

Designed like a Japanese-style garden, this 1.3 acres of land is an absolute beauty complete with koi ponds, wooden bridges, winding paths, floral displays and other water features.