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Best Things to do in Paso Robles, California

Gaurav Kadam Jul 2, 2019
Best known as ‘Wine Country’, Paso Robles, is a city in San Luis Obispo County, California. The splendid natural beauty, gorgeous locales and its closeness to big cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco makes it an ultimate tourist destination.

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Visit the sprawling vineyards

Paso Robles has more than 200 wineries. The local wineries let visitors try their latest wine creations.

It is popular for its heritage grape zinfandel. Rhone-style blends of syrah, grenache and mourvedre are fast becoming famous.
On a ‘Wine Adventure’, you can visit 4-5 wineries in a day. Taste Zinfandels, Cabernet Sauvignons and Bordeaux, along with special blends. The guide will inform you about the local culture and history.
Along with drinking fine wine, take a tour of the huge wine caves and you will get to see how it is made and stored. The Eberle Winery has 16,000 square feet of underground caves wherein VIP tours and wine tasting is coupled with artisanal cheese platters.
‘Good people, good times, and great beer’, says BarrelHouse Brewing Co, best known for their delicious line-up of year-round beers - Sunny Daze, Mango IPA, and BarrelHouse IPA.

Enjoy the live music with a glass of beer at the Beer Garden.

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Lake Nacimiento

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Also known as Dragon Lake due to its appearance, Lake Nacimiento is a place for peace lovers and adventure seekers. Camping or water sports (skiing, kayaking, wake-boarding, and paddle-boarding) choose one or both to make your day.
Thought to have therapeutic healing abilities, there are three natural hot-water springs in Paso Robles - River Oaks Hot Springs Spa, Paso Robles Inn and Franklin Hot Springs. Forget all your worries and just relax !

City Park Gazebo

A local favourite for gatherings of Pioneer Day, Trade Day, the Wine Festival and 4th of July, the City Park Gazebo spread over 4.8 acres, located in the heart of the city is perfect for a picnic or to take a stroll.

Downtown Paso Robles

Take a tour of Downtown Paso Robles and explore the delicious local cuisine. With the area near the orchards and farms, the restaurants serve farm fresh food and wine.

Mission San Miguel Arcángel

Founded in 1797, Mission San Miguel Arcángel is Paso Robles's greatest historical and cultural treasure. Experience the rich history of California at the Mission Museum and gift shop.
Zoo To You is a conservatory wherein rescued, injured animals are taken care of. They also educate learners of all ages about conservation.

Come visit coyotes, kangaroos, lemurs, alligators, otters and much more.
The Ravine Waterpark is the summer hangout place in Paso Robles. The park has got some cool rides like Quadzilla, Kamikaze and Vertigo. It also has a wave pool and a tadpool to chill. Children will enjoy the most here.
Paso Robles not only has Olive Oil Tasting but also an Olive Festival in the Downtown City Park where you can try farm fresh olives and olive oil. Make sure you do not miss on the olive oil ice cream!