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Best Things to Do in Portland, Maine

Priya Johnson Sep 19, 2019
Portland in Maine is known for its picturesque landscape, lighthouses, museums, lobsters, sandy beaches, etc. This city is also known as a ‘foodie city’ and ranks as one of the 'best food cities' in the US.

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Portland Head Light

Built in 1791, this legendary lighthouse happens to be Maine’s oldest lighthouse and the world’s most photographed lighthouse.
Its white structure and the red roof is post-card perfect! Enjoy peering over the ocean, while breathing in the salty sea air.

Portland Observatory

This is an iconic landmark of the city and the country’s last surviving maritime signaling tower. Enjoy stunning panoramic views of the city including views of the Casco Bay and Portland Harbor from up here.

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Amuse yourself at International Cryptozoology Museum

The only museum in the world of its kind, this unique museum is dedicated to the study of creatures (Bigfoot, mermaids, yetis, sea monsters, etc.) that have not been proven to exist.

Whether you’re convinced about the existence of mystical creatures or not, you’ll definitely find a reason to chuckle!

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Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine

This interesting museum is dedicated to children and promotes interactive learning with the help of unique attractions, exhibits, and hands-on activities. It’s a great place to take your kids and take home some inspirations from this place.

A Comedy of Haunted History Tour

Want to do something crazy in Portland? Sign up for this 70-minute, spooky-comedy walking tour that takes you around the Old Port at night.

Professional story-tellers take you around dark streets all the while narrating animated spooky stories from Portland’s history.

Odyssey Whale Watch Venture

Whale-watching tours are the best ways to encounter wildlife in their natural environment. Watch and learn all about whales and the history of the region from the captain and naturalist onboard.
Besides whales, you also get to view other marine creatures like sharks, seals, seabirds, dolphins, etc.

Maine Lobster Boat Tour

Lobsters are Maine’s most delicious export, and no Maine experience is complete without a lobster tour. On this 80-minute boat tour, you will learn all about lobsters and will set traps to catch them.
After the scenic tour, you can also purchase these lobsters at a wholesale price and have them cooked for you on the coast.

Maine Potato Donuts

If you don’t have time for an elaborate food tour, at least go try out Portland’s famous potato donuts. Unlike the usual flour donuts, the donuts here are prepared with Maine potatoes. These delicious bites are available in a variety of flavors and glazes.

Unwind at Float Harder

Float Harder Relaxation Center is a unique float spa that offers the ultimate relaxation experience. The float pods are filled with Epsom-salted water that allows you to float. No swimming skills are required. A trip to this unique floating spa will definitely leave you refreshed.