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Best Tourist Attractions in Hartford, Connecticut

Ketki Dongare Sep 7, 2019
Connecticut's capital city and with the fame of being called the "Insurance Capital of the World", Hartford has a serious reputation to withhold. But the major attractions of the city will take you on a culturally rooted, historic, and some fun, exciting journey.

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Connecticut State Capitol

You can't miss out the spectacular gold dome of the National Historic Landmark and the architecture of the Capitol.

Elizabeth Park Rose Garden

Not everyday do you see a rose blooming in your backyard, do you? Well, here at the historic rose garden in the States, you will come across over 15,000 roses blossoming!

Connecticut Science Center

Set along the Riverfront Garage, is a large 9-storey museum featuring exhibits such as Forces in Motion, Sight and Sound, and KidSpace that families with kids can enjoy.

Connecticut's Old State House

Go through years and years of Connecticut Government's key details of history and explore the museum housing beautiful collection of art.

Bushnell Park

This trendy park of Hartford with large lush green spaces is the best place to spend some leisure time by the pond or fountain, or entertain yourself with the ongoing live performances in the park.

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Cathedral of St Joseph

Once in the chapel, you are sure to be stunned by the 72 great windows with artistic, colorful glass, shining in the sun, and filling the whole interior with color of life.

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Mortensen Riverfront Plaza

The best way to explore any city and localizing is to spend some time by the Riverfronts and at the Plaza. This place is nature's best kept secret to enjoy Hartford's city vibes.

The Mark Twain House & Museum

Significant enough for being the home of Mark Twain, the beautiful Victorian-style house is now converted into a museum exhibiting the life and workings of the legendary American writer.

Hartford’s Ancient Burying Ground

A quick stroll through the cemetery and wandering around the First Church of Christ in Hartford, you'll come across many of Hartford's notable founders.