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Best Winter Vacations in the U.S.

Saptakee Sengupta Sep 19, 2019
Spending winters in the U.S. is a beautiful experience, to say the least. There are numerous winter holiday destinations that one can choose from.

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Lake Tahoe, California

A great destination for a winter vacation in the US is Lake Tahoe. You can book a good resort nearby the lake. It's situated at the border of Nevada and California, and is an ideal destination for couples.

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Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

The Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming is a fascinating tourist spot, very popular, and ideal for a vacation in winter.

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

The small town of Wisconsin Dells attracts tourists for spending their winter vacations in the best way. The main attraction is Golf of Dells; the exotic Great Wolf Lodge makes a wonderful stay during the winters.

Orlando, Florida

One of the best destinations to enjoy with your family in winter is Orlando. Warm up in the beaches of Florida with luxurious sun baths. The evening is enchanting, and you can take immense pleasure in dining exotic cuisines, shopping, besides many other activities.

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Hawaii is quite an affordable place to spend a couple of days in winter. Sun and sand awaits you here.

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San Diego, California

There are numerous tourist spots all around San Diego, where you can spend your Christmas vacations. One such tourist attraction is, whale watching. This is the season when they migrate from the Bering Sea to Baja California, and the view is amazing.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is also a beautiful winter destination for its picturesque beauty. You can make a short tour with your family to Hershey's Chocolate Land.

Winter Park, Colorado

Winter Park in Colorado has some brilliant winter sports. Such an adventure packed trip will definitely trigger the energy in you for wanting more and more fun.

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Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon is a vintage destination for winter vacations for families. This place has a warm climate which you can enjoy the most during the winter.

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Key West, Florida

Plan a Key West vacation, and enjoy diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and sightseeing. For those who want to explore the island, one can hire rental boats and charters.

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Haystack Rock, Oregon

Haystack Rock is popular for the 235 feet tall monolith that can be explored by all visitors. It is a popular place for bird life, and a delight to explore tide pools, along with watching different species of seabirds.

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Ecola State Park, Oregon

Ecola State Park is located north of Cannon Beach on the North Oregon Coast. It is famous for the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse which is one mile away from the sea shore. You'll enjoy the rocky shore, hiking trails, and challenging treks.


Those who love snow and ice must travel to Alaska, the land of Eskimos and beautiful wildlife sanctuaries. It has tourist spots, like South Central, Far North, Inside Passage, Arctic National Park, Fairbanks city, Denali National Park, Caribou grazes, etc.