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A Perfect Vacation Guide to the Bridal Veil Falls of Utah

Indrajit Deshmukh Sep 23, 2019
Waterfalls have always been eye-catching and Bridal Veil Falls in Utah is no exception. The Bridal Veil Falls is a double cataract waterfall and attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year...

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The name Utah is derived from the native Indian language of Ute, it means people of the mountain. Utah population is centered around Salt Lake City, and vast portions of the state are uninhabited. Bridal Veil Falls is in Provo county which is 43 miles from Salt Lake City. Provo is also home to the Brigham Young University (BYU).
Bridal Veil Falls is a very scenic waterfall in the Provo Canyon, and is a great tourist attraction. Utah, in spite of being a desert state, has quite a few waterfalls, but none are as beautiful as the Bridal Veil Falls. They can be accessed via US Highway 189, just 3-4 miles up the Provo Canyon.

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Bridal Veil Falls, Utah is considered as one of the famous waterfalls of the world. The water falls over 600 feet in two separate cascades, known as a 'Double-Cataract'. People come here for recreational biking and hiking along the wooded trails. The area also includes a park which is used for picnics and barbecues.

Recreation at Bridal Veil Falls

When thinking of things to do in Utah, the falls have been a long standing source of attraction. The tram was hailed by locals as the steepest aerial tramway in the world. The tram service was originally built in 1967, but was totally destroyed in an avalanche in 1996.
Some of the ruins of the visitor center and the tram can still be seen, although the tram lines were cut down in 2008. A discontinued train track has been converted into a recreational trekking trail, which is very popular with the locals. Some of the popular recreational activities include are as follows.
● A park has been built around the entire area of the destroyed tram tracks. The park is a favorite picnic spot for families and friends looking for some quiet time.
The park has several picnic and barbecue spots and is sufficiently wooded, but has enough open spaces to play 'Frisbee' with your friends or play 'Catch' with your dog. The park is off the Provo river, and a paved parkway trail leads you to Bridal Veil Falls.
● In winter, an ice wall forms near the falls and is very popular with climbers.

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As the ice wall is quite steep it is known as the stairway to heaven, and many climbers from across the world come to scale it. According to some climbers, it is the steepest vertical ice climb in Utah, and is quite a rush to traverse the hanging icicles.
● A perceptible, paved roller blade and mountain biking trail from Utah Lake to Vivian Park is a good option for some outdoor fun. This Provo River Parkway Trail is an easygoing 14 mile stretch frequented by the BYU students. The trail is quite scenic and there are many photo ops, so carrying a camera is a good idea.
● For all swimming enthusiasts there is a water hole at the base of the falls. The water is cold and a dip in the afternoon sun can be very refreshing. The limestone cliffs of the falls provide a unique view while floating in this shallow water hole.
Bridal Veil Falls hike trails run through Nunn's Park and offer some shady mountain picnic spots, and an insight into the local flora and fauna. If you are looking for a relaxing weekend getaway in Utah, the Bridal Veil Falls is the place to go.