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8 Rocking Chicago Attractions That'll Sweep You Off Your Feet

Kashmira Lad Sep 30, 2019
Whether it's about places of historical significance, or entertainment for your entire family, Chicago has it all. Take a quick tour of the major attractions in Chicago that are complete crowd-pullers till date.
This is one place where the fun would never seem to end! Chicago, with its magnificent attractions, has drawn people from all over the world. With a large number of tourist attractions, this city seems to be the perfect destination for those who are on the lookout for some fun.
Be it shopping or witnessing the beautiful architecture of many monuments that dot most of its areas, Chicago continues to woo people in every possible way. If you are on the lookout for some fun and frolic in this beautiful place, then take a look at some popular destinations which are definitely a must for all visitors.

Buckingham Fountain

This place can be called one of Chicago's most famous landmarks. The highlight is this large water display.

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The jet of water, which looks multicolored due to the light, is sprayed to a height of 150 feet. The Buckingham fountain was opened in the month of May 1927.

The Chicago History Museum

The Chicago History Museum was known as the Chicago Historical Society formerly. This museum sported a new look after renovations that ended in September 2006.
Today, it proves to be a great educational platform, with special areas for kids, and display areas that depict historical aspects connected with Chicago.

Lincoln Park Zoo

This is the oldest zoological garden, which was established in 1868. With over 3 million visitors every year, this place proves to be a popular destination because it combines entertainment in an educational way.
The animals, the boat rides, the splendid architecture that reflects the historic past, and the fun train ride makes this a complete hangout for people from all age groups.

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Shedd Aquarium

The Shedd aquarium is also one of the popular attractions of Chicago. This place has some of the most beautiful scenes of underwater life. The Caribbean Reef is one of the major crowd-pullers of the Shedd aquarium.
This has a wide collection of sharks, eels, stingrays, and turtles. The huge display of marine life is what makes this the most sought after tourist spot today.

Millennium Park

Millennium Park is considered to be the most important landmark in Chicago. This park is an ideal place for families, and has a rich mixture of art and culture.

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The beautiful architecture and sprawling landscapes have brought awards to this very popular site. Concerts for the musically inclined, theater, fountains with gargoyle figures, and beautiful species of flowers in the garden are just a few things that you would find here.

Magnificent Mile

This remains one of the most popular attractions of Chicago because of the wide variety of exclusive boutiques, museums, and restaurants that serve the most delectable items, and the classy ritzy hotels that are seen here.
Definitely, this place should rank high on the list of all shopaholics due to the wide number of boutiques that line the sidewalks. The name Magnificent Mile was trademarked in the year 2001. Among high rise buildings, you can even see the oldest building, called the Old Water Tower, that stands out due to its castle-like architecture.

Chicago River

After mass clean up and successful engineering feats, the Chicago River can also be included as one of the favorite tourist destinations in this city.

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At one point, this river was proving to be dangerous for people due to the contaminated water, and was named the Stinking River. Today, it has great cruises and boat tours that can take you around picturesque locales.

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Sears Tower

This mighty monument stands around 110 stories tall.
The Sears Tower has an observatory that offers a resplendent view of Chicago. The Skydeck area offers scenic views, and also the finest in historic exhibits and displays that teach kids about Chicago sports.

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These are just a handful of places to visit while in this city. You can spend ages discovering new places and destinations of interest in the City of Chicago. Have a rocking vacation.