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A Definite Chicago Travel Guide: Enjoy Every Minute Like a Dream

Khushnuma Irani Mar 19, 2019
Jazz music, movie sets, Oprah Winfrey, or Lake Michigan, whatever it is that brings you to Chicago, it is going to be truly worth your while. Here is a short guide that will help you make the most of your time in this city.
Chicago, the land of the superlatives, with its world's largest convention facility, largest Tiffany dome, and largest public library, is not the windy city it is claimed to be.
With Lake Michigan providing people with options of beaches, brilliant views, and bike trails, this city is filled with things to do, place to visit, and whatnot. You can maybe run into TV-host Oprah Winfrey in her Harpo studios, or you can see the place where the movie 'While You Were Sleeping' was shot.
Nestled in the northeastern side, it is the largest city in Illinois, and the largest in the Midwest. Built on flat land, was founded in the 1830s. Based on the continental divide at the site of the Chicago Portage, connecting the Great Lake watersheds with the Mississippi River. Located near Lake Michigan and two other rivers, the Chicago and the Calumet.
The city is considered to be a highly industrialized state, with a large number of significant business firms operating within the state. It is the financial, cultural, and business hub of the Midwest.
Besides, it is very popular for trade, business, and tourism. Hotels, inns, resorts, and lodges are there in plenty, and to support the city's popularity. It offers a number of comfortable, star-rated luxurious hotels that are popular choices for people from all over the world.
Known for its Chicago blues, Chicago soul, gospel, and jazz music, the city is a favorite place of many music lovers. Most hotels in the city offer a variety of facilities and services to visitors, and are popular for their high standards of hospitality. The hotels provide visitors with premium amenities for recreation and relaxation.
Casinos, fitness centers, swimming pools, spas, game rooms, and theaters are some of the many facilities provided at almost every hotel. All the hotel rooms are very comfortable and provide absolute comfort to their guests. Every room is air-conditioned, with a refrigerator and Internet access.
In order to win the goodwill of guests, hotels offer all-inclusive packages to visitors. Such packages certainly lure visitors to make their reservations in the same hotel every time they visit. This eventually guarantees the business for the hotels in Chicago.
Generally, the choice of amenities provided in promotional packages is created very carefully, keeping several important factors in mind. Some of the factors determining the packages include mode of transport, budget, in-house facilities offered, and the type of accommodation.
All-inclusive packages are not available throughout the year, and are mostly seasonal. It basically depends upon the management, and the income-to-profit ratio.
With millions of national and foreign visitors coming to Chicago, it has become the hub for tourism. It provides a number of options for luxury shopping, sumptuous dining, and entertainment. Besides, it is also a convention hub, as most conventions are held at McCormick Place, located south of Soldier Field.
Apart from this, Navy Pier, a unique 3,000-foot pier―housing restaurants, shops, exhibition halls, auditoriums, and museums also attract a number of tourists to this place. In addition, the Ferris wheel, a 150-foot-tall landmark is also very famous. One of the most popular attractions in Chicago, which is located north of the Grant Park, on the Lakefront.
The city is popular for a myriad of things, such as the lakefront view, Al Capone, and delicious pizzas and the numerous popular luxury hotels.
If you plan to visit Chicago, also known as the Windy City, you would certainly want to stay in the most affordable accommodation available, so that you can invest more on sight-seeing rather than paying for hotel rooms. So why don't you contact your travel agent and get yourself an exciting travel package, so that you can enjoy a good old time.