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Sure-fire Ways to Find Disneyland Discount Coupons

Rutuja Jathar Sep 30, 2018
Finding Disneyland coupons is the best way to cut back on the cost of Disney vacations. Read on for some easy ways to find these coupons and make the most of your Disney vacation, even when on a budget.
Disneyland is a theme park which is designed and controlled by the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, an extension of the Walt Disney company. It is the best place to visit throughout the year. For everyone who's young at heart, Disneyland is the place to be, for an exciting holiday.
More than 16 million people, including celebrities, heads of states, royal guests and common men, women and kids visit this amazing place every year, making it one of the most visited theme parks on Earth. This is also why a trip to Disneyland does not come cheap.

Where to Find Disneyland Coupons and Discounts?

Always keep in mind, that the Disneyland discounts are really hard to come by and hence, it is important to grab the opportunity as soon as it comes your way. Since Disney theme parks are really pricey, discount coupons worth only a few bucks may save you from burning a huge hole in the pocket.
Many tourists are always on the lookout for online Disneyland coupon codes. You can use these coupon codes to avail the different discount offers and bargains at Disneyland.

Buy Them Online

The best way to find Disneyland coupons is to buy them online. For that, you need to plan way before the scheduled day to visit Disneyland. Buying discount coupons to Disneyland, online costs a lot less than buying them at the ticket booths. Find a reliable Disney tickets reseller and check if he has attractive deals to offer.
Preferably, buy multi-day tickets. Food joints at the theme parks have discount coupons for food. Be on the lookout for these to cut on the food cost at Disneyland. You can find the coupons at the Disney's Carter Warehouse. There are websites that require you to register with them after which they provide you with printable coupons.

Disneyland Annual Passes

If you are one of those who cannot resist visiting this wonderland every year, you should go for Disneyland Annual Passes. You can buy a Premium Annual Pass that allows you to visit Disneyland all around the year or the Deluxe Annual Pass, that grants 315 days a year to visit your dream vacation destination - Disneyland.

Avail Special Discounts

You can also find coupons and special discounts on the website of ARES, which is a reputed ticketing and booking company. This way, you can visit the nearby attractions along with the theme park.
There are special offers for California residents as well. California University teachers and students are also entitled to get discount Disneyland tickets and coupons. Members of the American Automobile Association (AAA) and California State Automobile Association (CASAA) can also grab special Disneyland discount coupons.
You become eligible for a discount on your ticket to Disneyland if you are going there on your birthday. (Produce your identity proof to avail this.)

Disney Perks and Points

Disney credit card is a terrific idea to save money for later! You can get discount Disney perks, for example gift cards as also store and restaurant discounts with this credit card. This service also offers discounts on merchandise, hotels, parking and tours and tickets.
You also get special offer rates, free Disney DVDs and toys, stroller rentals at half the price, free Disneyland food coupons, early access to all the special events at Disneyland (as applicable to your coupon), free invitations from the Disney for a preview show of their latest movies, a private Meet n' Greet with the Disney characters and a lot more.
Basically, you earn points on this card that are also called 'Disney Dream Reward Dollars', which can be exchanged later for such discounts. You can easily get the Disney credit card from Chase Bank, with a zero dollar annual fee.

Entertainment Book and Outlet Shopping

You can easily find the entertainment coupon book in hotels and restaurants near Disneyland. You can avail Disneyland coupons by doing discount shopping at any Disney outlet. This way you can avail discounts as well as cute gifts for your loved ones. Using a round trip transportation, instead of a private rental car is also a much cheaper option.

Free Free!

There is no need for Disneyland coupons here, however, you can save a few bucks by trying out these simple tricks. You can get free coffee throughout the day once you buy your first cup. Surprised? All that you need to do is keep the receipt of your coffee with you and show it at the coffee shops at Disneyland for free coffee refills.
Similarly, you can also get free balloons from balloon vendors, in exchange of the broken balloons.
Another way to making the trip, a discount family vacation, is to avoid going in the peak season, which is the Christmas and March Break for schools. With the above ways, you will definitely manage to get an affordable and cheap holiday to Disneyland.
Disneyland is the paradise of fantasy, creativity and magic and while you explore its treasures, you shouldn't be worried about money. Well, needless to say, Disneyland coupons relieve you of these worries, as they make an amazing Disney vacation happen at a very less cost!