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Enjoy the Scenic Panorama of New York City from The Brooklyn Bridge

Swarali Jambhale Sep 26, 2019
"A thing of beauty is a joy forever" - John Keats. A visit to the New York's most iconic symbol, The Brooklyn Bridge, is sure to enrich your life with fond memories of your leisure time in New York.

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Honored as The National Historic Landmark in 1964, Brooklyn Bridge is the neo-Gothic styled engineering marvel, New Yorkers are proud of.

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This viaduct connecting boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn, a stretch across the East River is a result of 14 years of uphill battle by the 600 workers! It still continues to be the source of serenity and peace to many!

Roam Around in Leisure Suit

A sunset walk on the Brooklyn Bridge is a stellar experience with a spectacular 360 degree view of Manhattan and Brooklyn whilst the elegant Statue of Liberty holds you spellbound with all the sights coming to life with the lightning wonders!

Pedalling on the Brooklyn Bridge at eventide will immerse you in the divine beauty of the falling dusk all over again.

Sublime View of the Bridge From Here

To get an uncut view of The Brooklyn Bridge, go down to Main Street or Pier 1 at Brooklyn Bridge Park, on the Brooklyn side.

Also, The Brooklyn Heights Promenade proffers some very alluring views of the bridge. In Manhattan, head to Pier 15 down by the South Street Seaport for another magnificent angle of this famous icon.

Sate Your Appetite

The River Café situated at a hair's breadth from Brooklyn Bridge, may be the perfect place to go after an hour-long walk or a weary ride on the bridge!
Gorge yourself on the delicacies without being a tightwad and devour the calories you burnt! You can also take the edge off your hunger by having hamburgers and fries in Shake Shack.

Dwell In Hotel Le Jolie!

With a European mind and an American soul, the residence purveys a perfect stay for holidaymakers!

Enjoy a lavish abode and enrich yourself with the high-spirited energy of Brooklyn.
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With a 12 minutes drive to The Brooklyn Bridge, Hotel Le Jolie is the apex of finest scenery.

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This meritorious long haul by John Augustus Roebling, is more than intelligible to be expressed in words and without a tad bit of doubt- it is deservedly on the brim of the bucket list for many! This timeless edifice will always stand to be the pride of all architects around the world!

What More?

The world below the bridge is just as interesting as it is on the bridge! After merrymaking on the bridge, lounging at a The Brooklyn Bridge Park, with an overlook of Manhattan or photographing at The Jane’s Carousel would be the best things to do!

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Cruising in the East River to close your day could act as a mental detox for you!