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Enjoy the Small Town Charm of Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Ketki Dongare Jul 5, 2019
Welcome to the village of Chagrin Falls near Cleveland, a classic Midwestern, small community town with around 4,000 residents. There is a little bit of everything for everyone's liking, from breathtaking scenery, laid-back lifestyle, to delicious food scenes.

Chagrin Falls Waterfall

Located in the heart of the town, this namesake waterfall is where the town gets its name from!

Chagrin River

Go fly fishing in the Chagrin river that runs through most of Northeast Ohio. The icy-snowy river makes for a great hiking trail during winters.

Lit and Decked up: Chagrin Falls

Christmas time is the most magical around the falls. Chagrin Falls is a must-go-to destination during the holidays.

Chagrin Falls Delicacies

You're sure to find your new favorite restaurant in this quaint town that is Chagrin Falls. Jekyll's Kitchen with a garden patio gives the best views of waterfall.

The Chagrin Valley Little Theater

An epitome of culture and harmony of the town, this one of the oldest and respected community theater group is worth a visit.

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Frohring Meadows

Spread across a 289-acre park, this spacious lush green meadow is an invitation for a quiet evening with nature!
As a perfect picnic place for families, the park offers hiking, horseback riding, and picnic spots in the South Chagrin Reservation.
Play in the waters and enjoy the day at the Quarry Rock Falls; a small double decker waterfall in the South Chagrin Reservation.

Hike the Old Chagrin River Trail

The Cleveland Metroparks has aplenty hiking trails expanded widely across Chagrin Falls along the streams and ridges of the Chagrin River.

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Explore nature and the many waterfalls, in the only national park of Ohio, Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
On your trip to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, don't miss to spot a Great Blue Heron running across the Chagrin River.