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Everything You Need to Know about Phoenix ZooLights, Arizona

Deepa Kartha Aug 9, 2019
The ZooLights is an annual festival that happens at the Phoenix Zoo in Arizona. The entire zoo comes alive with millions of sparkling lights every year. Brilliant and colorful, the event is organized by Phoenix Zoo, a private, non-profit zoological park in the USA.

What to Expect

The Phoenix ZooLights is a true spectacle where millions of lights are arranged in the form of creative sculptures of zebras, lions, peacocks, flowers, etc. New sculptures are added every year to make the show exciting for the visitors.
Fun activities at the Pheonix ZooLights include camel riding, meeting a talking tortoise and giraffe, and enjoying a carousel ride. You would also get to watch some fun performances.

The Purpose

The ZooLights is a fundraising event organized by the Phoenix Zoo. The earnings are used for taking care of 400 species of animals, including several endangered ones.

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Date and Timings

A month long festival, the ZooLights is held from late November to early January, from 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM, every night.

Book Tickets Online

Book your tickets online as it is cheaper compared to buying tickets at the counter. Also, you save time as you do not have to wait in queue to buy tickets. Children below the age of 2 are given free entry.

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Visit Early in the Season

Around 3 million people visit the zoo every year to witness the ZooLights. However, the first weeks of both December and January see fewer crowds, making it ideal for your visit. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are the least crowded during these weeks.

Dress Comfortably

Although Phoenix does not have an extreme winter, it can get chilly in the winter evenings. Hence, it would be best to dress warmly while visiting the Zoo Lights in Pheonix.
Wear extra layers like a sweater under your jacket or jumper and a pair of gloves. If it gets warm, all you have to do is remove the extra layers.

Carry a Small Light

Once the sun sets, the only lights to guide you would be those on the display.
However, some areas of the park are completely dark, and hence it would be best to take a small light with you, but not flashlights as they are not allowed. Making your kids wear glow necklaces would be a good idea to find them easily in the dark.

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Explore at Leisure

The best way to enjoy the ZooLights fully is to explore the place at your own place.
There are plenty to see and do, and do not hestitate to take the same path twice, as you are sure to witness something special every time.