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Exotic Animal Sanctuaries in Florida

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Jul 18, 2019
Abandoned, mistreated, or too wild to be domesticated, there are plenty of reasons for wild animals to end up at exotic animal sanctuaries in Florida. Most of these animal sanctuaries are non-profit organizations registered under 501(c)3.

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1. Two Tails Ranch

This is a privately owned ranch that offers one of a kind elephant facility. It offers a private guided tour that allows visitors to interact with elephants closely.

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2. The CARE Foundation

The CARE Foundation is home to over 200 exotic animals such as monkeys, bears, big cats, crocodiles, alligators, etc., providing non-domestic, non-releasable animals, care and permanent living.

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3. Exotic Animal Experience

This facility spanning over 7 acres in east Orlando is the best place to not only see, but also pet and hold exotic animals such as sloths, kangaroos, lemurs, etc.

4. Keepers of the Wild Nature Park

This non-profit organization is home to more than 150 exotic and indigenous wild animals such bears, big cats, wolves, coyotes, birds, etc., that were rescued, surrendered, or sent over by other animal welfare organizations.

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5. Elmira’s Wildlife Sanctuary, Inc.

This non-profit corporation cares for exotic and wild animals such as tigers, bears, and cougars.

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6. Lions, Tigers & Bears, Inc.

This 93-acre animal sanctuary is built for rescued big cats, bears, and other exotic animals to give them a safe and enjoyable second chance in life.

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7. Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary

This non-profit sanctuary is home to many animals such as big cats, chimpanzees, bears, ligers, etc., giving them the much required permanent home as well as a safe environment to thrive.

8. Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is home to abandoned and ill-treated wild animals. These rescued animals are given a safe and healthy environment to live a better life.
Wild animals are often brought home as pets or with the intention to breed and earn by selling the offspring. Old and injured wild animals are surrendered by circuses or private owners. Exotic animal sanctuaries in Florida have become a safe haven for such animals.