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Explore the Outstanding Mountains of Utah

Seema Nehete Aug 26, 2019
Utah is certainly a mountainous territory and in fact every county of Utah boasts of several mountains. The beautiful and unusual mountains here offer great hiking as well as many opportunities for wildlife watching, rock climbing and much more.

Mount Nebo

It is the southernmost and highest mountain in the Wasatch Range of Utah.

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Mount Timpanogos

Also referred to as “Timp” it's the "47th most prominent mountain" in the contiguous United States.

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It’s the most popular hiking destination in Utah that has everything that a hiker wishes for, including alpine lake, a small glacier, waterfalls, high alpine meadow, wild flowers, and an easily accessible summit.

Uinta Mountains

The chain of mountains in northeastern Utah slightly extending to southern Wyoming. King’s peak is the highest point of Uinta mountains.

Wellsville Mountains

Wellsville Mountains are located in northern Utah and their highest point is known as "Box Elder Peak".

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La Sal Mountains

The La Sal Mountains ranges are located along the Utah border having its highest peak at Mount Peale.

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Iconic fisher towers near La Sal Mountains

Henry Mountains

These mountains are located in the southeastern portion of the U.S. state of Utah. Mount Ellen is the highest point of the Henry Mountains.