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Explore the Tropical Guam Island

Ketki Dongare Jul 26, 2019
Culturally strong and scenically driven, is a combination that makes a tourist place like Guam Island worth visiting. Secluded, untouched by mass tourism, and with aplenty adventures, this tropical island is a must on everyone's travel list.

Say Hafa Adai!

The Chamorro (locals of Guam) welcome everyone to the Guam Islands!

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Visit the Guam Island

Located in the U.S. territory of Micronesia; Guam, with Pacific islands and shores, is a perfect leisure vacation spot for those who want to spend time on an island in solitude.
Relive the beautiful story of two lovers of Guam, at the namesake Two Lovers Point, and enjoy breathtaking views of the Philippine Sea and Tumon Bay from the cliffside view point.
When in Guam, you're most likely to stay at Tumon Bay, for it has everything set for a beach vacation; a 1.5-mile long sandy beach, resorts, restaurants, and bars.
Once used as pillars to homes, the incredibly large haligi topped with tasa is a giant-sized, crescent-shaped Guam Latte Stones, peculiar structure symbolic of the Chamorro cultural identity.
Protected by natural coral reefs from the rough waves of the Pacific, the Inarajan Natural Pool are a perfect bathing spot, or even well suited for a swim or snorkeling.
Merizo Pier is a top attraction of Guam Island, ideal for water sports activities like swimming, boating, snorkeling. Also, Coco Island is just a boat ride away.
The picturesque Magellan spot, at Fort Soledad, overlooking the Umatac Bay offers boundless views of the sea and mountains.
The petite Guam Island in Micronesia is home to some majestic beaches, like the Ritidian Point which is secluded in wildlife, while the Agana Bay Beach that offers great water sports.
Hike on the highest peak of Guam Island- Mount Lamlam, and enjoy solid views of the ocean on one side and uprising hills on to the other side.

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Go deep sea diving in the pristine seas of Guam Island, and soon be lost in an adventure amidst colorful corals, fish, and the main highlights: WWI and WWII wrecks.

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Board on a cruiser at the docks of Guam Island, and head out in the open sea to meet the playful dolphins.
Stretch your arms, get the grove on and go on shopping sessions in the most luxurious brand shops, once in Guam.