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5 of the Most Stunning and Famous Bridges in America

Famous Bridges in America
Which bridges would you list if you were asked about the most famous bridges in America? Here is a list of the bridges that are definite landmarks in the United States.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: May 5, 2018
George Washington Bridge Nyc
"Bridges are perhaps the most invisible form of public architecture."
- Bruce Jackson
George Washington Bridge Nyc
Marvels of engineering; that is what bridges are, connecting two pieces of land which would have remained out of bounds for each other in normal circumstances. Bridges all over the world have not just connected places but played an important role in improving diplomatic relationships, increasing trade and commerce, and of course, encouraging tourism.
Brooklyn Bridge And Lower Manhattan
There are some bridges though, that have captured our fascination in ways impossible to explain. Some of the most famous bridges in the world are situated in the United States. These famous bridges are architectural feats that have been cultural symbols and landmarks for their respective cities.
Famous Bridges in the US
Brooklyn Bridge And Manhattan Skyline
Some of the most famous bridges in the United States deserve a mention not just because of the history attached to them but also because of the sheer beauty that these bridges add to their surroundings creating a magnificent view. In this article, we list five of the most famous bridges in the USA.
Golden Gate Bridge
Located in San Francisco, the Golden Gate bridge is not just an icon for the city but an image that the entire world identifies America with, making it one of the famous bridges in the entire country. The construction of this bridge started in the year 1933 to connect the San Francisco Peninsula with Marin County. It was finally thrown open to public traffic in 1937. It cost a whopping USD 25.7 million in the process of construction. Till the year 1957, the Golden Gate bridge, at a length of 2,737 meters, was the longest suspension bridge in the world. Some other facts about the Golden Gate bridge are that the span of the bridge is about 1,280 meters and that about 100,000 vehicles use the bridge on a daily basis.
Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn bridge
As the name suggests the Brooklyn bridge is located in Brooklyn, New York connecting across the East river, Manhattan and Brooklyn. Originally the bridge was christened the New York and Brooklyn Bridge. It is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States, having been opened in the year 1883. The length of the bridge is 1,843 meters and it is flanked by Gothic towers made of granite on both ends. The bridge was declared a National Historic Landmark in the year 1964 increasing its standing as one of the most famous bridges in the country. The bridge has been featured in several Hollywood films, especially the wide pedestrian walkway that allows a great view of East river and downtown Manhattan. A result of this is that it is now one of the most famous bridges in the world.
George Washington Bridge
Also known as the Hudson river bridge and the Columbus bridge, the George Washington bridge which connects Fort Lee to Manhattan was inaugurated in 1931 after a construction period of almost 4 years. It is a two level suspension bridge that cost about USD 52 million to build. The architect of the bridge, Othmar H. Ammann, very famously designed this bridge in a manner that allowed the addition of lanes to cater to increasing traffic. This feature allowed the construction of the second level and two more lanes on the first level. Today almost 300,000 vehicles use the bridge everyday making it one of the busiest bridges in the world and one of the most famous bridges in the United States of America.
Mackinac Bridge
This is the third biggest suspension bridges in the world at a length of 26,371 feet therefore making it one of the most famous bridges around the world. Crossing over Mackinac, it connects the upper peninsula of Michigan with the lower peninsula. The architect of this bridge was Dr. David B. Steinman who supervised the construction of the bridge which started in the year 1954. The process of building the bridge took almost three and a half years and the bridge was inaugurated and opened for public in 1958. People using this bridge are charged a certain amount of money.
Navajo Bridge
The sheer panoramic view that this bridge contributes to makes it one of the most famous bridges in the United States. Located in Arizona, this bridge crosses the Colorado river and is almost 250 meters long. The construction of this bridge started in the year 1927, ending two years later. In the 1990s a second bridge was built which was opened to public in 1994. The first bridge is now used only by pedestrians.
Senator Christopher Dodd very famously said, "America's highways, roads, bridges, are an indispensable part of our lives. They link one end of our nation to the other. We use them each and every day, for every conceivable purpose." Would you not agree?
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