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Fun Things to Do in Asheville, North Carolina

Sojourn in this mountain city and you will fall in love with this place.
Aakash Jain May 21, 2019

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Enjoy a Drive Through the Picturesque Blue-Ridge Parkway

It is the most idyllic experience, especially when bedecked with russet autumn foliage. A little stretch of the Blue-Ridge mountain is now a part of Pisgah National Forest, where you can enjoy scenic waterfalls and hiking.

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The blue-ridge mountains are called so because they appear blue from far. The mountain, covered with fog and mist, especially in the earlier part of the day will help you beat the blues.

Explore the Downtown Asheville

The downtown Asheville is a very happening place and has lots to offer. With specialty breweries and restaurants, you can relish a variety of beers and other delicacies.
There are many museums and art galleries that showcase the rich history of Asheville. Music is deep-rooted in this city; you can get all kinds of music like modern day, peppy, or folk. And you can’t miss the drum circles and street performances by buskers that are regular here.

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After going all round, relax in the calm parks and gardens like the Pack Square Park.

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Look Through the Looking Glass Falls

The name says it all. The fall appears like a glass, after the water freezes on the Looking Glass Rock. This natural mirror-like fall is popular among tourists, where playing in water is fun. You can also enjoy hiking on the Looking Glass Rock Trail.

Visit the WNC Nature Center

This park gives you an opportunity to meet animals like the Red Panda and bears, and explore plant species present only in Asheville. The Trillium Nature Trail lets you enjoy the park and has recreational equipment for kids.

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Visit the Thomas Wolfe Memorial Angel Statue

The angel statue stands in front of Asheville Art museum. This bronze statue is dedicated to the renowned novelist, Thomas Wolfe, and the inspiration behind this statue is derived from his popular novel Look Homeward, Angel.

Experience the Biltmore House

This is a house-turned-museum of 250 rooms. It is particularly popular for the tulips blooming in spring. You can enjoy biking, wine tasting, and making friends with the animals in the Farmyard.
Also, don't forget to dine in the Estate and relish the farm produce. Enjoy the classic Vanderbilt House Party and fly back to the Gilded Era.

Do Not Miss Asheville Mardi Gras

Enjoy the colorful parades and parties; dance your heart out. Don traditional costumes and unravel your crazy side.