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Fun Things to do in Ohio

An Ultimate List of Unique and Fun Things You Can Do in Ohio

Ohio has many different and unique things to offer to all types of travelers. This article will give you a brief overview of all the things you can do here.
UStravelia Staff
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Ohio, a Midwestern state of the United States is a traveler's paradise. Ohio's name has been derived from the Seneca word ohi:yo, which means large creek. It also means beautiful in Iroquois Indian language. The state enjoys a temperate climate throughout the year, which makes it pleasant enough for the tourists to visit whenever they want to. It is a highly cultural state, where one can enjoy many fun-filled activities.


Amusement Parks

Ohio is known for its roller coasters, thriller rides, and amusement parks. Cedar Point and King's Island have some of the world's best roller coaster parks. They are open from late spring to early fall. The rides have some amazing names like the Blue Streak, Disaster Transport, Corkscrew, Magnum XL-200. The Blue Streak is the oldest coaster ride at Cedar point, rising up to 78 feet above the midway and is one of the most popular destinations for kids. Disaster Transport is unique, as one rides into the unknown on board bobsled type cars that will plunge its riders in the darkness all the way. All rides are different and extremely exciting.


Ohio's rich culture is reflected in the numerous museums it has. The Columbus Museum of Arts has a wide collection of major works that range from the early French Impressionists to the Modernist American artists of the late 19th and early 20th century. All legendary art works of most European artists are also found here. Columbus also holds the Dayton Air Show and Air Force Museum, where it displays many interesting aviation artifacts and conducts air shows that would surely thrill the kids. The Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, Zaha Hadid, is famous for exhibiting works of leading American and international artists. All forms of art including film, photography, audio, video, and live performance are exhibited and performed here. For any art fan, this arts center is a treat.


Festivals of Ohio are famous for their fun filled activities. There are many festivals based on different themes and seasons. The Marion Popcorn Festival is believed to be the biggest popcorn festival in the world, which attracts crowds from all over the world. Many known international artists like Gloria Estefan, Neville Brothers, Huey Lewis, etc., perform during the popcorn festival. Following are some more famous festivals:
  • Circleville Pumpkin Show: One of the things you can do for free is to attend the Circleville Pumpkin show held in October. As admission is free, it is also dubbed as 'The Greatest Free Show on Earth'. One can do many things here such as taste every kind of pumpkin related food, be part of judging the biggest pumpkin, and enjoy many carnival rides.
  • Renaissance Festival: The renaissance festival is held in Harveysburg, located west of Columbus. Popular sport jousting (a game played by two armored knights mounted on horses) is one of its major attractions. One can also see many medieval plays and costumes here.
  • Portsmouth River Days: River days festival is a huge musical entertainment held on the riverfront, adjacent to the historic Boneyfiddle district of Portsmouth. Like the pumpkin festival, admission to this musical entertainment is free. The festival attracts world renowned as well as regional musicians and singers, who give live performances throughout the festival. The festival also stages art and craft stalls, roller coaster rides, etc.
Other Activities to Enjoy
  • Camping: Ohio has numerous state parks that allow camping. Some of them are Beaver Creek State, Wayne National Forest, Spencer Lake State Wildlife Area, etc. The parks teem with over 2000 species of flora and fauna and the scene is spectacular.
  • Columbus Zoo: The Columbus zoo is an animal education and research center. It is a 400 acre zoo and houses many different varieties and species of animals.
  • Road Trips: This state is best seen by traveling on its roads to fabulous destinations like the Dental Museum in Bainbridge, the world's largest cuckoo clock in Wilmot, historic lighthouses like the Fairport Harbor lighthouse, Marblehead lighthouse, Lorain lighthouse, etc.
  • Retreats: For all those who want an escape from the hustle-bustle of life, Ohio offers many peaceful retreats along its coastline, e.g. national wildlife refuge, countryside, etc.
  • Shopping: For art collectors, art galleries of Columbus' Short North Arts District offers a wide range to suit different artistic tastes. There are many malls and street shops where one could purchase anything at some very tempting bargains.
  • Cuisine: Ohio offers both, international as well as regional cuisine. One can feast on the Hungarian hotdog at world famous Tony Packo's CafĂ© in Toledo, some Columbus handcrafted beers at the Columbus Brewing Company and many other delicacies.
There are many more things you can enjoy doing here but they all need to be discovered, not by reading or viewing Ohio pictures, but by visiting and experiencing them personally. For all those who want to get some fun quality time with their families, Ohio is the place to go!
Old Fairport Harbor Lighthouse, built in 1825
Tent in Forested Campsite
Jousting Knight
National Museum Of The Air force
Modern Roller Coaster
Downtown Columbus Ohio
Church In Cleveland Ohio Usa
Historic Hall And Fire Station
Akron Ohio
Cleveland Ohio
Pumpkin Display