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Places to Visit in Orlando That Have Out-of-the-world Attractions

Aparna Jadhav Sep 26, 2019
Orlando, Florida is one of the best vacation hot spots across the globe. This post provides information about the various places, which can be visited in this region.

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Everyone needs a break from his/her busy life to do something de-stressing and enjoyable. If you are thinking of taking a vacation, visit the city of Orlando, which is undoubtedly the king of holiday spots.

Main Attractions

You can visit the classic and legendary Magic Kingdom in the Walt Disney founded Disneyland. With characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Winnie the Pooh, Snow White, Peter Pan, etc., this fairyland buzzes with enthusiasm all day long.

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The Magic Kingdom

There are theme parks with tea-cup rides, roller coasters, exhibitions, parades, and live shows, which can be enjoyed by kids as well as adults. Epcot, which is also a very famous fair that includes movies, interactive sessions, and tours to about 11 countries, is built around a central Typhoon Lagoon.
You can't miss the Disney Hollywood Studios, where you can see working studios, and opt for "The Great Movie Ride". Classic performances like Indiana Jones, musicals of Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, firecracker shows, water lights with pirate ships, etc., are the main attractions.
The Animal Kingdom is an exciting experience, taking you on a ride through the African safari, and all kinds of wild animals in their natural habitats. "Dino land" is something you will never forget, and making you feel like you are in the dinosaur age with cavemen. The live stage shows by the characters of "Lion king" and "Finding Nemo", are worth a watch.
There are water parks like Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon, with water sports like surfing, slides, river rafts, tube floats, and wave pools. The entire area is nicely landscaped with mountains and lakes. Visitors can also enjoy ski-sports on the snow-capped Mt. Gushmore.

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Other Attractions

Boating and para-sailing can be a good choice for all the water-lovers. Snorkeling and surfing can also be enjoyed by adults. Other sports like golf, racing, biking, and pool games are available in any of the resorts of your choice.

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Since you are on a vacation, don't miss a chance to get yourself a great massage in the Grand Floridian Spa.
Also, you can visit places close to Orlando like SeaWorld, Busch Gardens of Tampa Bay, Discovery Cove, Universal Studios, Wakulla Springs, etc.

Night Attractions

The "La Nouba" Show has the most unforgettable performances by the "Blue Man Groups", and a circus without animals. The audience is left speechless by the performances of the magicians and gymnasts. At night, you can also enjoy the light and sound shows, and also the fireworks on water at the lagoon in Disneyland.