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Fun Things to Do in Portland, Oregon

Loveleena Rajeev Nov 29, 2019
Portland offers a concoction of both, bright city lights and country rustic charm. If you are visiting this charming city, then read this article to get some information on the various fun things you can do while in this city.

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Portland is a historic town, located some 70 miles from the Pacific. It is nestled between the waters of the Columbia and Willamette rivers. Portland enjoys a cosmopolitan culture that blends well with the warmth radiated from its small towns. it can be reached by air, road, rail, and water.

Places to Visit in Portland

Rose Garden

The Portland Rose Garden is one of oldest gardens in the world. It contains over 7,000 plants, with over 500 varieties of roses that bloom in early summer, making the garden a visual treat. Adding to the allure of the roses are the numerous handcrafted sculptures, and many fountains and pools.
There are many other theme-based gardens here, like the Royal Rosarian Garden, Miniature Rose Garden, Gold Medal Garden, and the Shakespeare Garden. It also plays host to many famed musicians and singers in its amphitheater―the Rose Garden Arena.

Saturday Market

The Portland Saturday Market, also known as the Portland Farmers Market, was started in 1974 by Sheri Teasdale and Andrea Scharf, residents of Portland, Oregon. From a simple 2 to 3 stalls, it has evolved into a bustling market.
The uniqueness of this market is that it is put up every weekend, between March and December, every year. It is the largest, continuously running outdoor market of its kind in America. The market features the 'Festival of the Last Minute', where one will find hundreds of vendors selling homemade food and plenty of arts and crafts gifts.

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Portland Art Museum

The Portland Art Museum was opened to the public in 1892, and then became main feature of the city. It is famous for housing the best collection of Native American artwork, and over 32,000 pieces of other art forms as its lasting number.
The first building of the museum is known as the Belluschi Building, named after its architect Pietro Belluschi. To house an ever-increasing art collection and make room for large exhibitions, the museum has been continuously renovated and expanded. It is open seven days a week, the tickets are inexpensive, with discounts given to students and groups.

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Oregon Zoo

The Oregon Zoo draws more than 1.3 million animal lovers every year. Started with a small collection of donated animals, today it is home to more than 200 species, with thousands of different specimens living in the most cosy manner.
The Oregon Zoo prides itself on its long drawn tradition of protecting endangered species. Today, it has the largest zoo collection of elephants in the world. It is also a premier elephant breeding site, which shot to fame with the birth of 'Packy', an Asian elephant, in 1962.

Nightlife in Portland

Portland offers many bars and nightspots, especially in its Pearl District. Portland is noted for its microbrewing, with many nightspots combining the concept of a theater with a bar.
Portland offers its travelers many kinds of nightspots, from chic spots to downright fun spots, from ones that can burn a hole in the pocket to those that cost little. The city has a thriving cultural center that regularly features orchestra, ballet, and performances by multiple theater companies.

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Tax-free shopping in upscale boutiques and restaurants, Portland's Japanese and Classical Chinese gardens, ski resorts like Timberline Lodge, Ski Bowl, and Mt. Bachelor, Powell Book Store, cruises down the Columbia River Gorge and Willamette River, etc., the list is endless. Portland's charm lies in its easy blend of cosmopolitan culture and natural beauty.