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Fun Things to do in Tennessee

Fun Things to do in Tennessee

Tennessee, a state in the southeastern part of the United States, is famous among tourists. In this article, we present to you a list of fun things that you can do while in Tennessee.
Aishwarya Nirmal
I'm a bow-legg'd chicken, I'm a knock-knee'd hen
Never been so happy since I don't know when
I walk with a wiggle and giggle and a squawk
Doin' the Tennessee Wigwalk.

To a tune on a fiddle on a hardwood floor
Tho' I'm broke and I'm weary and my back is sore
I walk with a wiggle and giggle and a squawk
Doin' the Tennessee Wigwalk.

So people, remember this chartbuster of the 50s by Bonnie Lou? Well, can't get it out of my head even in the 21st century. Every time I hear the word Tennessee, this song comes screaming back to me and the funny lyrics make me want to stand on my two legs, swirl around, and do the chicken dance. Talking of Tennessee, did you know that the state is as interesting as this song? Don't believe me? Check out these tourist spots in Tennessee and you'll believe me.

Region-wise Attractions of Tennessee

East Tennessee - Chattanooga
Chattanooga, a southeastern region of Tennessee, hosts a number of attractions that pose as a reminder of the Civil War. The Hunter Museum of Art, the Houston Museum of Decorative Arts, the National Knife Museum, a railroad running up the Lookout Mountain and the battle scene at the top of it are the striking features of this place. If you visit the beautiful Rock City Gardens, which are a famous tourist attraction located on Lookout Mountain, a visit to Ruby Falls is also a must. Ruby Falls, a beautiful creation of nature, is located near the Rock City Gardens. The gardens are home to some of the most ancient and scenic rock formations in the world. The Tennessee Aquarium showcases over 9,000 specimens of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and most importantly, the freshwater fish of the United States.

West Tennessee - Memphis
Memphis, the hometown of Elvis Presley, is a must-see for music and history lovers. This city is famous for American Civil War memorials. The Beale street, Mud Island River Park and Museum, National Civil Rights Museum, and Stax Museum of American Soul Music are a real treat for the tourists. The Memphis Zoo alone represents 500 species of animals that include some rare animals like giant pandas, sea lions, black bears, bald eagles, and ravens.

Central Tennessee - Nashville
Nashville is a city that is proud for its country music. Known as the 'Athens of the South', it got its name due to the Parthenon built here, which is a replica of the original Parthenon in Athens. The bullet holes in the stone columns of the Belle Meade Plantation are a significant attraction as they are evidence of the Civil War, which was fought in the front yard of this elegant mansion. The Hermitage, Opryland and the Ryman Auditorium all showcase the rich musical and historical culture of Nashville.

Other Attractions of Tennessee

Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum
Located on the campus of Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, this museum is frequented by history lovers. Here, the journey of Abraham Lincoln through the Civil War is depicted through artifacts, books, documents, photographs, paintings, and sculptures.

The Museum of Appalachia
Approximately 20 miles from Knoxville, in the city of Norris, is the Museum of Appalachia. The lush pastures, 19th-century buildings, and the old-time music gives you the feel of the past.

The Lost Sea Adventure
Around 46 miles from Knoxville, the Lost Sea is located in Sweetwater and is America's largest underwater lake that is encompassed by a cave. A boat tour in these caves is a thrilling experience for those who want adventure.

Once you step in Tennessee, there is no way you are not going to be enthralled by the beauty and culture of this place. Have a fun vacation!