Good, Comfortable, and Affordable Places to Live in Oregon

The state of Oregon which lies at west cost of USA has some nice cities where one can think about staying. Some of the good places to live in Oregon are described in the article.
There are many cities in Oregon which offer a good setting and pleasant atmosphere to live in. The coastal state of Oregon which lies next to California, is one of the most developed states of USA. While California is more industrially developed, Oregon is known for tourism. Some of the good and most affordable places to live in Oregon can be found in the article below.

Best Places to Live in Oregon

The state of Oregon has good places to live in. Oregon is the city that lies to the northwest of United States. Located on the Pacific coast, Oregon is to the south of Washington and north of California. To the southeast of this state is Nevada, while Idaho is at the east. The western part of Oregon state has mild and moist climate. Eastern part with deserts is much drier. The economy of Oregon is in good shape and some of the cities/places in this state thrive on tourism. Let us have a look at the best and cheapest places to live in Oregon through this article.

A city in the Washington county of Oregon, Beaverton is situated in Tualatin river valley. It was included in the list of 100 best small cities of USA compiled by 'Money' magazine; it is also one of the safest places to live in Oregon. Beaverton is the sixth largest city in Oregon and spreads over an area of 16.3 sq. miles; Atfalati tribal people were the natives of this region. There is a great variety with respect to the types of houses that one can find in this city. Right from luxury condominiums to affordable small houses, you have many options choose from.

This city is the 29th most populous in USA and amongst the best to live in Oregon. The city of Portland is situated on the confluence of Columbia and Willamette rivers. This county seat of Multnomah County is the third largest in Pacific Northwest region. It is also amongst 'green' cities of the world for its environment-friendly land-use planning. Clackamas County is to the south of this city, while Washington County to the west. Transportation is convenient with light-rail and Metro train. Portland City Council is the governing body of this city. The executives appointed to look into the smooth functioning of administrative works include the mayor, commissioners (4) and an auditor.

The city of Bend in located in the central region of Oregon. It lies at the eastern foothills of Cascade mountains and along the river, Deschutes. The population of Bend, as per the 2010 records is 76,639. Logging was the only business activity carried out in this city at the time of its incorporation in 1905. Today, Bend is mainly known for different water sports it offers for the tourists. Mount Bachelor ski resort of Bend attracts tourists from Washington, California and Washington. Along with the tourism industry, other businesses which provide people with a source of income are as follows: social services, health care, wood products manufacturing, scientific services, technical services, transportation and recreation. All the above mentioned features makes Bend one of the nicest places to live in Oregon.

The city of Astoria is located a few miles away from the Pacific ocean and along the Columbia river. If we consider the western part of Rocky mountain ranges, Astoria is the oldest settlement of America. Astoria is named after the American investor, John Jacob Astor. As per the 2007 census figures, population of this city is 10,045. There are a total of 4 primary and secondary schools in Astoria including the Astoria High School. The Scandinavian Midsummer Festival celebrated in mid-June is one of the specialties of this city.

Situated at the confluence of Willamette and McKenzie rivers, Eugene is the second largest city in Oregon. This city is known for its natural beauty and recreational activities. The other names by which this city is referred to as are 'Emerald City' and 'Track Town, USA'. Mild temperatures throughout the year make this city one of the good places to live in Oregon.

There are many good cities in Oregon to live in. The state of Oregon provides people with a favorable atmosphere to live. The economy also is healthy which attracts people from neighboring states. One should therefore, find Oregon a good state to live in.
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