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Good Vacation Spots in the US

Shashank Nakate Sep 10, 2019
There are many good vacation spots in the US. Details of some of the popular tourist spots in this country are presented next.
United States being a huge nation with a long coastline and has mountains and forests. It has many tourist spots ranging from the Grand Canyon to Appalachian mountains. Apart from the popular vacation spots, there is a lot to explore in this huge country, known for its diverse landforms.

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Places like Niagara Falls and other popular spots draw tourists in huge numbers every year; however, there also are many other interesting places to visit in USA.

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One of the best vacation spots suitable for vacations in United States is Florida Keys. Temperature of the region varies between 70 and 80 °F from October to February; therefore, it is one of the best spots for spending vacations in October.

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The Hawaii islands also is a good option for enjoying vacations away from the cold weather back home (in mainland America). Atmospheric temperature in these islands ranges from low to mid 80s (°F) during the winter months.
There are a variety of activities that one could do in their Hawaii vacations. Windsurfing, scuba diving, boating, biking, helicopter tours, eco-tours, etc. are some of these. Let us find more on the best destinations for vacations in this country.

The Best States in USA for Travelers


It is one of the least populated states in USA; Alaska is famous for its adventure tours. Hiking in the Southland of Alaska is considered as one of the best outing experiences.
The areas of tundra region, especially the ones near Mt. McKinley, are worth exploring. The state of Alaska doesn't have big metropolises or towns however, exploring the natural world in this region is definitely a great experience.


Las Vegas is the most popular tourist spot in this state. However, there also are many other places worth visiting in Nevada. Mount Charles and Lake Tahoe are few of them. These vacation spots are well-known for offering the tourists with a perfect hiking experience.


The state of Texas lies on the border of USA and Mexico. This region is known for not just the vast tracts of cattle ranches, but also a 600 mile coastline; Texas has some of the best beaches in USA. 
The Galveston Island is in fact, just an hour's drive from Houston. The other important places to visit in Texas are Dallas, San Antonio and Austin; these places can therefore, be included in the list of good vacation spots of the south.


The state of California is home to many popular tourist spots. It also offers a variety of things to do. The Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, the Disneyland Resort and Yosemite National Park, California has a few interesting but lesser known tourist destinations.
Knott's Berry Farm (America's first theme park), Legoland, Calico Ghost Town, Alcatraz Island, etc. are the other vacation spots in California.


The Ohio state is known to attract tourists from the entire cross-section of the society. It is one of the best vacation spots in USA for singles and families as well. It has more than 200 parks, which makes it one of the best destinations for spending vacations with family.
You may also find museums and other interesting places like Newark Earthworks Great Circle Museum, Hopewell National Historical Park, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

Top 3 National Parks in USA

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is the most visited park in USA. Spread in 522,419 acres. The Smoky mountains reach the highest point at the peak called Clingmans Dome (2,025 m).

Grand Canyon National Park

Located in Arizona, the Gran Canyon National Park was declared a World Heritage Site in 1979. It is 1 mile deep. The North Rim and South Rim are accessible to the public. Visitors prefer the South Rim than the North Rim.

Yellowstone National Park

The different activities for tourists in Yellowstone National Park include wildlife viewing, hiking, camping, etc. Wild animals can be seen in the morning and evening hours. Hiking is a thrilling experience too; though it is not considered a safe option for kids.
Some of the dangers include wild animals, loose rocks, streams that might suddenly turn turbulent, etc. You have to be very careful while going on hikes in the wilderness. The hot springs of Mammoth and Yellowstone lake are the points of tourist attraction.

Top 3 Winter Vacation Spots

Winter vacations are generally associated with sports-cum-recreational activities like snowboarding, skiing, etc. However, some of the tourists prefer to avoid the cold weather and spend some time in a warmer region.

Hawaiian Islands

The specialty of Hawaiian beaches is that along with white sand, green and black sand is also found.
The Kaunaoa Beach is one of the top rated places in Hawaii islands where the water is calm. This beach is part of the Kohala coast. Some of the other places in Hawaii where you can enjoy a beach vacation are Hamakua coast beaches, Kau beaches, Hilo beaches, Kona beaches, etc.


This is one of the best winter destinations in USA. You can enjoy outdoors activities, go to the Enzian Theater, visit the CityArts Factory, etc. Forever Florida offers outdoor adventure. The place is spread over 4700 acres. The horseback rides are quite popular.

Miami Beaches

The South beach, Haulover beach and Virginia Key beach are some of the popular beaches of Miami. Miami beaches are the best places to be as they are less crowded. Amongst these beaches, Haulover is one of the best for surfing.

Top 3 Summer Vacation Spots

Las Vegas

This place is well-known for its hotels and casinos. Las Vegas is also known as 'The Entertainment Capital of the World'.
The Las Vegas Boulevard, a road lined with casinos and hotels is one of the major tourist attractions of Las Vegas. This road is known by different names like Salt Lake highway, Arrowhead highway, U.S. Route 91, Los Angeles highway, etc.
The best hotels in Las Vegas include the Aria (CityCenter), Venetian, Bellagio, Wynn, etc.

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San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge is the main tourist attraction in San Francisco. You may go for a walk on this bridge or take a car ride which costs half a dollar. This 1.7 mile long bridge has attained an iconic status which helps attract a lot of tourists to San Francisco. 
The Chinatown of San Francisco is a shopper's delight and spreads over 24 blocks. A guided tour to the Alcatraz island also is one of the attractions.

San Diego

The tourist attractions of San Diego include Balboa Park, SeaWorld, Belmont Amusement Park, etc. The Balboa Park is also known as 'Smithsonian of the West'.
The constructions in this park have are influenced by the Spanish-Renaissance architecture. SeaWorld is an animal theme park of San Diego with 189 acres area. The 98 m high 'Sky Tower' offers a spectacular view of the park and San Diego city. Belmont Amusement Park has the 'Vertical Plunge', 'Giant Dipper' and 'Control Freak' rides as its main attractions.

Top 3 Vacation Spots Suitable for Families

Walt Disney World

The Walt Disney World is one of the best vacation spots for kids and families in the US. The Walt Disney World has always been a popular vacation spot in Florida. Children like this place place and therefore, it one of the top attractions for families. A theme park, which takes us in the 'magical' world of Harry Potter, is the latest addition.

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Lake Tahoe

This freshwater lake in Sierra Nevada is situated at a height of 1897 m from the sea level. It is the 2nd deepest lake (501 m) in United States. One can enjoy water sports like kayaking, parasailing, etc. in the lake.
Surrounded by snow-clad mountains, the lake is also a popular tourist destination for skiing. Heavenly Mountain resort is one of the largest skiing facilities near Lake Tahoe.

Myrtle Beach

The specialty of this place is clean beaches. It is also known for its golf courses and amusement parks. The Ripley's Aquarium is one attraction of this place. The hotel rates rise in the summer. The beach is one of the spring destinations of college students.
USA is a huge country and there are many places to explore. However, the information presented should give readers a rough idea of some of the good vacation spots in the US and should help pick useful information about important tourist destinations in the United States.