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Harpers Ferry: A Beautiful Vacation Spot in West Virginia

Buzzle Staff Oct 12, 2018
Harpers Ferry, West Virginia is a beautiful, affordable vacation spot for the whole family. It is conveniently located, and it is a beautiful setting in any season.
When you are planning a vacation, there are several things to consider. It is important to think about whether you want to stay in a city or a small town, what kinds of activities are available, where you will be staying and what else is close by that you might want to visit.
If you are looking for a great vacation spot this year, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia is a great spot for a family vacation or a romantic getaway. It is situated between the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers, with mountains on either side, making it a beautiful vacation spot.
It offers a chance to learn a lot about history, many recreational activities, and it is within driving distance of other landmarks of interest. Almost half a million people visit the park each year, and if you want a gorgeous, educational vacation this year, look no further!

Historical and Beautiful

Harpers Ferry dates back to the late eighteenth century, making it an interesting place to visit especially if you are fascinated by history. The tiny town is filled with historical homes, artifacts and museums.
Many of the sites you will see date from just after the American Revolution to the Civil War; Harpers Ferry is most famous as the site of John Brown's raid on its armory prior to the Civil War.
Apart from these wars, this historical destination also offers a chance to learn about the area's rich Native American heritage. As you are walking down the streets, you will be able to witness famous landmarks while taking in a breathtaking landscape.
The town of Harpers Ferry is situated in a gorgeous spot between two rivers. Hills rise on either side that seem to be painted with many different colors during the autumn months. The area offers several outdoor adventures such as hiking, biking and water sports.
Hiking and bicycle trails range from beginner to expert, making it the perfect activity for anyone. There are several places where you can rent equipment; it's not a problem to find everything you need for your vacation fun in the sun! Harpers Ferry National Park is also a great place to take the family camping or for renting an RV.
Harpers Ferry is also situated close to many places of interest. Within a few miles is Charles Town, also a historical town that has its own fascinating tales to tell.
About thirty minutes away, just over the border, is Frederick, Maryland that offers all the amenities of a large, thriving city. While on your historical tour of the East Coast, you can easily visit Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, which is only an hour away from Harpers Ferry.
If that isn't enough to fill up your vacation itinerary, you can also visit our nation's capitol - Washington D.C. which is also located a little over an hour away.

Accommodations and Food

There are many wonderful accommodations available in and around Harpers Ferry. To start, Harpers Ferry's small and historical nature makes it the ideal location for many charming bed and breakfasts. If a bed and breakfast isn't your style, there are also many modern hotels in the area. While you are staying here, you will never go hungry.
There are many dining establishments available. If you want local cuisine, look for the small, family owned restaurants in Harpers Ferry and Charles Town. If you want more mainstream restaurants, Frederick is just a small jaunt away through the beautiful country.
Make Harpers Ferry your next vacation spot this summer!