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Haunted Places in Texas That Will Scare You Witless

Sonali Pimpale Aug 13, 2019
Fancy yourself to be a braveheart? Do you think absolutely nothing can faze your equilibrium? The beautiful Lone Star State hides plenty of skeletons in its closet that will send shivers down the spines of the most fearless daredevils!

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USS Lexington, Corpus Christi

The celebrated Essex-class aircraft carrier from World War II.
The naval floating museum, nicknamed "The Blue Ghost", is reported to be the home of spirits of an engine room operator and a few crew members who died on the ship. Many visitors have claimed to witness flickering lights and doors slamming shut on their own accord while aboard the ship.

The Alamo, San Antonio

Who would cast this gorgeous structure in such a grim light? The site where the notorious Battle of the Alamo played out in 1836, this fortress and museum is said to be run over by the restless spirits of the skirmish’s martyrs.
It seems that reports of footsteps in the dead of the night and the ghostly presence of a small blond-haired boy aren’t enough to dampen the enthusiasm of the interested, as the Alamo is one of Texas’ most visited landmarks.

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El Paso High School

With unidentified, ghostly specters showing up in yearbook pictures, sounds of applause and cheering heard from empty basketball courts, and sealed hallways dripping with unknown slime, the El Paso High School is one of the scariest schools to attend in the country!

Stagecoach Road, Marshall

Used extensively during the Civil War, this dirt road is rife with chilling tales. Sightings of the dreaded Goatman and Bigfoot, hand prints left in the dust on parked cars, make a drive down this road the scariest road trip ever!

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Hotel Galvez, Galveston

The luxurious hotel's most famous paranormal resident is the 'Lovelorn Lady', an unfortunate woman who took her own life upon learning that the ship her fiance was sailing in, had been destroyed along with its crew. In a cruel twist of fate, her fiance had actually survived the wreck.

Victoria’s Black Swan Inn, San Antonio

Built on the site of the fierce Battle of Salado, the beautiful event venue is the domain of the battle’s victims, ghosts of little children, an apparition of a man stomping around angrily on the ground, and a despondent woman, believed to be his wife.

Menger Hotel, San Antonio

The hotel has seen a fair share of celebratory guests, both living and non-living. The ghosts include the late ex-president Theodore Roosevelt, who is said to help himself to a drink at the hotel bar during the night, and a housemaid who is so devoted to her job that she continues to perform her duties even after being killed by her husband!

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Faust Hotel, New Braunfels

It seems that the owner of this historic establishment, Walter Faust, loved this hotel so much that he could not bear to leave even after his demise. He, along with a few ghostly playing and giggling children, wanders the halls of the hotel.